Solution to my creaky cranks

I had a wicked creak coming from my bottom bracket for a while. A few weeks ago, I took it apart, cleaned out all the dead lady bugs and covered everything with grease. It stayed quiet for about five minutes.

The other night, at critical mass, a gentleman informed me that aluminum on steel is always creaky so I thought about how to make the crank arms not touch the pedal axle. Last night, I wrapped the parts of the axle where they come into contact with the cranks with teflon plumbing tape and now my bike is ninja stealth.

It’s something all right.

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you could have just invested in a tube of phil grease, or any other thick grease and greased the taper and crank like you are supposed to…

im pretty sure you can fuck your shit up that way

The taper on a BB spindle and crank is a press fit mechanism. The friction between the crank arm and the spindle causes the arm to slide on so far for a given amount of torque on the crank bolt. If you grease the spindle, the crank arm can slide farther onto the spindle, farther than it was designed to. The result is that the taper on the spindle forces the taper on the crank to expand. Multiple installations like this will cause the crank to move closer and closer to the BB shell, altering chainline and eventually ruining the crank when you pull the spindle all the way through the arm.

I need to pick up some teflon tape later… :bear:

Plagarize much?

Plagarize much?[/quote]
yes in fact

I have heard you should and shouldnt grease tapers. In my mind, I wouldnt worry too much about it, as I dont think taper/crank holes are very precise things…you are essentially jamming something on there and wedgeing it in place, I cant think of many terribly precise wedges.

i always used a thin layer…i’ve never had a pair of cranks screw up on me like this. Besides, i have a habit of greasing wherever alum and steel meet, cause corrosion could glue that fucker on so tight it never comes off. For anyone doubting that, ever gotten a pedal stuck in a crank? or a seatpost so stuck in a frame that you ruined the post trying to take it out?


my background in bottom brackets is mostly in BMX type crank spindles, or isis/octalink splined setups, this is the first set of square taper cranks ive run. so i could be wrong, but if raceface calculates that grease with same tourque makes it slip on .5mm more, then thats stil not a problem, as theres a good 2 or 3 mm between the end of my bb spindle, and the end of my cranks taper.

Grease any metal on metal fitting.

I reinstalled my crank arms and used grease even though I had been anti-grease on the spindles of regular taper BBs, and used grease this time and the non-drive side arm keeps loosening up. Not sold on using grease now.