Soma Everwears - thorn proof?

I’m on my second flat this week so it might be time to retire the crusty, old Michelin Carbons.

How flat resistant are the Soma Everwears? Everything I’ve read says they will last forever but that’s not worth much if they don’t resist flats. I’d just go with a Conti Gatorskin or thick Schwalbe but these look decent in white.


Everwears: They are thornproof. You can skid forever. Benefits. They ride like shit. Sidewalls are notorious for blowouts. No grip on wet roads. Cons. I don’t like them, in theory. Sometimes, however, I get tired of being super nansy-pansy about having expensive tires on that I don’t want to skid through and/or fix flats at least once a week. Then I throw one on for a few months until I can’t stand the shitty ride anymore and go back to something that rides better. I’ll never put one on the front again, they’re worthless there. Except the flat thing, but it’s not worth it.

In my experience they are not thorn proof. When stuff sticks in it likes to stay in because of the thick rubber.

I recently replaces my gatorskin with a 28c everwear in the rear and like it so far. I’ve only had them in about four days but during that time i’ve ridden on shitty alaskan roads, rocks, gravel and went on a mountain bike trail for a few hundred feet with no flats. They skid better then the gatorskins…I like them so far, but this is all with a brand new 28c tire. Haven’t ridden them in wet weather yet but I say go ahead and try it.

i blew out the sidewall, like 4 inches long, within a week of putting one on my bike wheel.

i run a bontrager hardcase in the rear. running through glass and then being able to go another couple miles before pulling it out is a great thing. only con in my mind is that they look really gnarley when you skid them all the way down… theres like 3 layers of ‘threads’ before you are in danger of hitting the tube, i usually go though 2 layers before i replace them.

they make a cool sound for like the first week of skidding too, which is cool.


Thanks guys… I probably should have said “thorn resistant” since it’s not a huge issue in my area, mostly seasonal as things dry out toward the end of summer. I’m not big on skidding so that’s not an issue either.

I really wish BikeTiresDirect hadn’t burned down, that place was always had everything in stock… Gatorskins seem to be hard to come by online recently. The Michelin Carbons (whatever they are called now) were nice and seemed to ride 65% of a ProRace but are also a little hard to find.

I don’t know why everyone bitches about the ride of Everwears. For what they are they’re decently supple tires if you don’t pump them up super hard.

As for the sidewall thing, that’s the first to go for me with just about any tires except Randos, and everyone knows those ride like poo.

Funny, I like the ride of the Everwear most when it’s pumped up to 130-140psi. But this is recent, I’ve had the tire about two-three months and only had one flat, and that was because I miss calculated a curb hop.

gatorskins are the best tire, hands down. i’m always happy if i find a set in the dumpster with even a little life left in them.

gatorskins are really good, and even the basic ultrasport is awesome. Ive actually never gotten a flat on my ultraposrts that wasnt a pinch/skidded though. then again ive only ridden the 23c kevlar ones(and kevlar ones only come in 23c AFAIK)

im on a shwalbe lugano right now, and i love it, just the right balance between traction and rolling resistance. no ideas on longievity or flat resistance yet.

i loved my gatorskins. might throw them back on because i’m not really digging the way these serfas ride/skid.

Same as above, I rode an Everwear for about a week then the sidewall blew out.

They’re a fine ride I guess, but that was enough to make me never buy them again.