Some deadender stuff for sale (it’s your problem now)

NOS stronglight ironlight cranks, 175, 130bcd. Cool cranks with swaged on spider. $50

Quadlock bar/stem mount and case for 1st gen iPhone SE. $15

TRP drop bar brake levers, lightly used. $30

San Marco Rolls saddle, back side a little torn. $20

Selle Italia Flite, covering not coming loose anywhere but has some paint(?) splatter. $30

Carradice super c saddle bag, the smaller one, no rips/holes. $40

Schwalbe racing ralph, single, 26x2.25, light tubeless casing. Barely used. $25

The following are mostly mounted but I’m happy to break up or sell complete for $80, will need to find a box for the bars though

Shimano 9s bar end shifters. $35

Tektro v brake drop bar levers. $15

Nitto rm13 bars, 52cm. $35

Salsa stem 80mm, 26.0, silver. $15

Let me know if you need more details/pics of anything

Shipping not included

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Dibsin the rolls, 26er tire, and maybe stronglight cranks if they’re not french pedal threaded (have to look through the bin for what cranks I already have)


You got em. Cranks take 9/16" / standard thread

Would love that flite please


Somebody please dibs those TRP brake levers before they end up sitting in my bin with all the other unused levers.


It would love you back.

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I like weird cranks and I cannot lie.


Do I build a bike around the saddle bag and bar end shifters?


my impartial opinion: yes

I have that bag
I almost want to buy another

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I have the matching small panniers, but shipping to prison island? nahhh

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I have the small panniers too, great bags!

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I’m in for the RM013 bars only. Happy to wait/bow out of someone wants the whole setup or you want to sell other bits first.


Works for me, just give me a couple days to round up a box. I knew selling as a set was unlikely

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Damnit, more parts:

Nitto noodles, 44cm. $20

Shimano basic drop bar levers. $20

Ritchey cranks cosmetically rough but pedal threads and tapers are good, 172.5, triple but same forging as the double, 50/42/28. $50

Old French rando bag w VO decaleur. 13.5” wide as shown w side pockets stuffed, 9.5” wide main compartment only, 7” tall. Map case yellowed but not cracked. $75

Noticeable lack of canti brakes so far


What do you think I’m selling all this stuff for?


Dibs on the historical reenactment rando bag!


are those ritchey cranks nerd-crank-able? if so, dibs

46/30? It’s got 110/74 bcd’s so inner and middle positions will get you there.