Some deadender stuff for sale (it’s your problem now)

Dude can you buy and send me that set? Just like last time? I’ve realized I have to start hoarding this shit


Being realistic, I’m never (probably) going to convert that bike back to drops. It’s nice to have options tho.

LOL, yep, that’s why I mentioned it. If you hoard it then I feel like I don’t have to!
I’ll pick them up today.

They also had a set of MT60 cranks which I am going to buy on principle. Also because I’m curious as to the actual differences between the M730 and the MT60, the look very similar.

Plz keep that look out for a softride stem. 120 road style 1” quill is what I’d like to find.

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There’s a (currently) cheap 140mm on ebay rn, @ Vintage Softride 1" Threaded 140mm Quill Suspension Stem 25.4 | eBay

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I have a 140 just like that with the top sticker

There is also at least one 120 on ebay, too. Not that cheap (like $80?) but there it is.

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I miss citybikes $20 stem collection

Hey you punks, get outta my store if your not buying any of my junk.

Also, stronglight cranks are still available. I know one of you wants to fuck around and build a bike for em



If you’d just sell some softride stems maybe people would buy your junk.


130bcd just ain’t my scene

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Same, thought I’d do single speed or 1x with it but that hasn’t happened either

I also really wanted the slots to work like the white ind vbc cranks, but they’re too narrow and I didn’t care enough to dither that further

This may be true, i was thinking about the chain drop pin not going where it is supposed to, right by the crank. Shift ranps and pins won’t be clocked exactly right either.

i bought these forgetting about this issue. so i removed my spider, removed the drop stop pin and installed with loctite. lord help me if it fails on the road

Any chance that Racing Ralph 26 tire is still floating around?

Sold this weekend!

damn! I could of used it!

You still have these?

Yup, I’m moving the next few days but they’re yours if you can wait till late next week

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I can wait.