Something weird in the Macaframa video

Check out what happens to the boy with the dog at 3:26…he runs across. Then there are some people off the the left, and watch them. wtf??? First the two in white, then the one in blue after them, and then some guy steps out into the street, looking at the Macaframa people.


wait, he almost domes that kid, why is that weird?

what the hell are you talking about

Looks like the dog got away from the woman.

wait a second, didnt notice until now, everyone on the left freaks out and about 5 seconds later the lady walks to the left holding her dog…

yeah they freak out!!! wtf

they’re kids.

what’s hard to understand about this?

person with dog walks across crosswalk where they have right of way at a stop sign, and they realize there’s a crazy biker not stoping skidding out of control… starts running out of the way, gets to the other side of the street, scoops up the dog, and continues walking.

people see this happen and want to look and see why the guy would risk hitting a woman and her dog. see it’s a crazy race type thing, gawk a little in disapproval or bewilderment.

Why would they run away panicked?

cc700 on the case.

looked to me like the video was sped up a little for a second

i cant believe that is the legitimate way to spell panicked, it just doesnt look right


for real. it’s one of those words where in singular normal form it’s like “we’re not going to use normal phonetics.” and then in past tense it goes “well let’s just add some more letters for phonetics sake.”

but do you really think it would look any better using normal word grammar rules?

“I went to the house and paniced when I saw the misspelled graffiti.”

I always thought the word “until” was very strange. In fact in 3rd grade I got in trouble because I said it like I didn’t understand it. How do you reverse the effects of tilling? Tamping?

I still don’t get it. All i see are a bunch of kids on the sidewalk, then another kid run across the street with a dog.

What am I missing?

It’s not anything important, just some kids running away from some mad tarckers, thats all

i’m pretty sure they’re running away from the dog…

How the hell did you notice that in the video!??!

QR on wrong side-1:57.

I dig that interpretation of “I’m Bound to Pack It Up”… wonder if Jack n’ Meg are into fg freestylin’. Their color scheme could make for some kickass tarck bikes.