Sparton junk


did you get into the absinthe again?

Maybe I should.
That’s what it would take to get me to buy a $250 frame for $700.
Then again, the big ole Amerkin flag on the seat tube got me all teary eyed. and maybe i just bought three.

you sell that seatpost yet?
wtf man?

which one?

this one:

[quote=“deathhare”]Do you like this stuff?
I think I’ve done permanent damage to my brain and Special Grease wont help this time.
It could be green but I cant be sure. There comes a point where having read some Hunter S. Thompson wont help you.
Last night around 2am I entered the belly of Tokyo and crawled out its anus.
Near the exit there were Filipino crossdressers and one of them showed me its pussy…although I didnt ask to see it. Or did I?
I didnt believe he had one. You cannot un-see a mans pussy. At least it was well groomed.
I need some help now. I have a Kalloy seat post for trade.
The weird thing is my hands start to float when I go to sleep.[/quote]

Oh. I still have it.

is it in a man’s vagina?

Not now but it could be for ¥50,000

what’s that?
like $7 ?


make it happen.

You want a seatpost that’s been in a man-thing’s vagina?

pfffft. who doesn’t?

Me for one.

My friend’s has a headbadge that says Made in Honduras or something like that.

Or maybe it’s Chile…

Its chile ... re=related

“Its one of the few handmade factories in the world.” lol