Specialized Mirror 155 mm

I forgot that I preordered a Specialized Mirror 155 mm saddle and bought one on E-Bay. So now I have a brand new very expensive ($450) saddle that I do not need. They are nearly impossible to get at retail price.

Anyone want this? The price is ridiculous but it is literally the best saddle I’ve ever used, by far. I used to be uncomfortable within an hour and in overt pain after a 2-3 hours on the bike, now I can pretty much go all day. I am tempted to hang onto it as a spare but how often do I need a new saddle?

atmo they’re gonna stop making it some day and you’ll be sad. hoard that shit


2nd on the hoarding.
Whenever I find something that justrite for me, I get a spare if possible.

Keep the saddle
Edit: when I find a pair of jeans I like I buy 2 pairs. Really sad both pairs of oak cone 501c and black m&c tack are worn out

Shouldn’t have washed them!


This is why my roommate currently has four pairs of those weird quilted tevas

I want it

Seems like you used to be on narrower plastic saddles — does this in 155mm work out similarly in width to a Berthoud Aspin or Selle Anatomica with mild saddle-to-bar drop?

Amen. Anyone with a hoard of OG Romin saddles? I got a few but not enough for all the bikes :sob:

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luckily for me my favorite all around saddle was a cheapish takeoff from ~$1-2k trek bikes that weren’t too racy

unluckily for me who the fuck is selling that one OEM saddle aftermarket?


the Evo just isn’t the same :frowning:

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Yup, I have a couple Evos and they’re good but the OG is the best for me.

I had 4 but the two of them broke.

Okay I’m going to hold onto it I guess. You convinced me!


Smart move.
Take it from me, a guy who hoards saddles.