Specialized Mirror Saddle $300 or make an offer

Below is a picture of my 143 mm Specialized Mirror saddle. I bought this in the desperate days of the 2020 Specialized Mirror saddle shortage and there was also some weird disease going around. I bought it because I thought 143, 155 what’s the difference? As it turns out my butt likes 155 much better.

I know $300 is a lot for a saddle but here’s the hard sell: There are 2 things over the last decade plus that have completely changed the way I experience bikes. One was my first English, the second was this stupid overpriced saddle. I used to end up with fluid-filled blisters over my sitbones from any number of a variety of saddles after more than 4 hours of riding. With the 155 version of this saddle, I just did 8 hours and was barely sore the next day. I am definitely going to hoard a few 155s when the price comes down so I never have to sit on anything else.

Also you can resell it on E-Bay for full price ($450) if you hate it or if you just want to make a profit. I don’t have an E-bay account and also I’m too lazy for that amount of effort.

If you buy today or tomorrow can ship on Friday, otherwise the following Friday. Price includes shipping and a free gift that I have to say is pretty cool. I promise your butt will be singing my praises forevermore. And remember…



Super DQ from a typically non-carbon-saddle guy… are the rails on this “standard” ovalized carbon rails? All it says on Specialized’s website is that they’re oversized.

I get everything I need from the ancient Specialized Toupe saddle on my road bike, but I’m a 3d printing nerd and this would look awesome with my 3d printed lattice structure top cap.

I’ll also add that I’m a chronic waffler, so in case anybody actually wants this I’m not calling dibs yet

Holy shit I want that top cap!

They are standard ovalized rails that can be clamped in a conventional seatpost for regular round rails. They will not work in a side-clamp seatpost apparently although I have never seen one of those.

Also just FYI the 3D printing looks pretty dramatic in closeup but from more than a few feet away it really isn’t that apparent

Ha, I have one of the side clamp ones from when I was working on weight weenie stuff at Trek, but I can probably procure the correct parts for it if the rails are standard.

I could also sell the seatpost and get something I’m less worried about snapping under me…

:+1: this would be more for me than for showing off. I’m not fancy, I just like generative design

Yeah liking good design is not the same as buying something flashy to show off though

(me being defensive)

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Chasing that rabbit I finally put it together that the same dude did Traffic bikes! I had no idea. Looks like the website is defunct -did you obtain it some other way, I know you’ve met him in person as I recall?

Anyone that buys this is required to report back about what the free gift is.

It’s pretty cool if you like vintage space stuff.

Jimmy the Fly has purchased it and the free gift


Man that was quick! Guess I need to set up text alerts for whenever @OUTSTANDING_FLAGS_HOME_DECOR posts in the FS thread lol.

@jimmythefly let us know what you think after getting some miles on it!

I’m v. curious because I am a man of substance, but I do tend to get on OK with narrower saddles.

And now runs Tarck’s favorite newsletter, theprepared.org! I spent a few days working from his space in Brooklyn around Thanksgiving 2019, and we keep in touch. Super cool guy - I’d call him a tarcker in spirit.

@OUTSTANDING_FLAGS_HOME_DECOR, I checked with Spencer and he has a few left he’d definitely be open to selling. If you’re interested I can DM you his email address or set up an intro, whichever you prefer.

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Also interested in a ride report @jimmythefly

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well shit. I would have bought this if I were quicker. I’ll butt dither forever, even though I have no saddle issues.

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That’s the same guy?! Bestow honorary tarck membership for sure.


review it for the blog.

Is it butt related space stuff?

$300 definitely worth a free gift

Imagine Jimmy’s surprise when a truck pulls up with a sofa and a broken 120-lb amplifier