Specialized Sirrus fixed/single-speed (SOLD)


Asking $350 local or $300 + shipping for anyone on here. Medium ding in the top tube from once when I dropped it down a flight of stairs. See CL ad for more pictures:

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if you want to part the pizza rack hit me up.

not to undercut our mans derayyvid, just know that you need to move some parts around for most ortlieb hardware lowriders to fit. it needs the hook deelys to be like an inch and a half higher to hit the vertical members i think

oh that’s a bummer but I have the tubus rack for my ortleibs. I am looking to run a front bag so I can… have a front bag? really I was just thinking it would be a good pickup to add to my garage.

oh you can for sure do a front bag! just takes atypical or modified lowriders. and obvi doesn’t really play with stock lowrider racks