Spitting rocks.

On my road bike I’m always shooting little rocks off to the side of the road, but today on my cross check (with 28s) I shot a rock hard as hell in to the side of a mini van. It was really loud. The guy hit the brakes but never stopped…he kept glancing at me in his mirror though. Anyone ever cause/had any trouble from one of these?

I’ve never had any trouble with a driver, but I have had just that thing happen to me.
Cyclists are agents of Chaos.

I’ve only hit myself with rocks at this point.

Yeah, sometimes I get a good DING from the downtube.

i had this happen once, not to a mini-van. I wish I could make it happen on purpose!

I’ve hit the sides of cars a few times… but a couple of months ago on my way to work, I was coming up to a light and I shot one through the passenger window of a stopped car and hit the chick in the neck. She kinda looked over at me all confused , but the light turned green before any words were exchanged. That would definitely be an awesome skill to perform on demand!

I wouldn’t sweat it. How many times does road debris come flying at your person? More then comes flying off your tires.

Man, I thought this thread was going to be about how much you enjoyed spitting on errant motorists. :colbert:

+1 :bear:

a friend of mine told me he ran over some gravel and a piece flew out at the perfect speed and angle to shatter a parked car’s window.

he said he thought someone was shooting at him with a bb gun.

This has happened to me.

I’ve shot myself in the arm once. I shot the pebble hard enough for it to shoot out forward to the right to hit a guard rail near my house and ricochet back at me. I was shocked.

I kind of really hate it. Do not enjoy hearing my towndube being beat the fuck up by pebbles.

I was riding with my roommate once and he shot a pebble that hit me right under the eye. Scared the piss out of me. Ironically enough, his favorite movie is A Christmas Story…

Hah, I got hit under the eye with a dragonfly once. Scared the fuck out of me.


Spit rocks at my arms and multiple cars on a long ride this morning…
rocks shooting at cars is simply the karmic result of cyclists having to be on the shitty area of the shoulder where all the gravel migrates to, atleast in the case of road riding.

happens to me all the time. cars, buddies, myself. i kinda like it. subtle revenge

One time a pigeon almost smacked me in the face, but I was able to dodge.

one time a bird flew into dooktrucks front wheel.
it ricochet’d off and died. feathers flew everywhere.

One time I was mountain bikeing with my friend joe and he ran over a little sparrow that was standing in the trail and just didn’t move.
Birds are fucking dumb.