Spring Has Sprung 2k19

Post your riding plans or other spring miscellany here.

Today, I rode out to West Seattle and got tacos. I saw a lot of people riding electric unicycles, but the king of all of them was riding some kind of souped-up high speed version, wearing reflective motorcycle pants, knee and elbow pads, and a full down downhill mountain bike helmet. He passed too quickly to photograph, but it’s impossible that another Seattle Tarcker will not catch a glimpse of him on the trail.


I’m going to shoot for at least one 100+ mile ride each month through November. I’ve got about two months before it gets super hot and swampy. I definitely lost a bit of fitness over the winter, but I usually ramp back up to my deeply mediocre long ride capacity pretty quickly.

Goals: ride out to Deltaville on the bay (coast?), do a capital trail century (Rva to Jamestown and back), rva Charlottesville rva.

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Summer 2019 goal
Boulder - Mt Evans - Boulder
Gonna be a long day

I solved this problem by riding overnight mid summer. Get some friends together, roll out at 10:00 PM, finish at 6:00 AM. Some of the best rides of my life.

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Oh my god did we make it?

This has been the longest winter of my entire life.

Yeah, folks from Braden’s crew do midnight centuries, possibly for this reason. In the summer it doesn’t drop below eighty degrees until midnight. Rough.

I experienced 80+, sunshine and high humidity for like 10 minutes today (I’m still in Hawaii). Can’t wait for 50 degree temps for a few months!

I am planning to ride Highwood Pass this spring while it’s still closed to cars. Would also like to do my first 200k.

Always curious what the sleeping situation is for these type of rides. I’ve done a couple 5pm-midnight centuries and I was so wired from the ride I wasn’t able to fall alseep until 3-4am.

Is this a early nap power through type situation or just go to bed mid-morning and see what happens?

I hope to not have my heart explode while commuting to work.

Other plans: sell all my bikes.

I try to force myself to sleep for a hour or so at night, then I can probably stagger along until the afternoon rolls around and my productivity™ falls right off a cliff.

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Spring has sprung, pretty much. Already got 3 windsurfing sessions under my belt. The water is still cold af but I bought warmer booties and gloves to go with the wetsuit and hat. That shit works, looks like you can buy your way to an early spring! Also did a little rock climbing. Dusted off the bike as well for some errands around town. Need to arrange a fire pit party in the forest and then spring’s official!

I dunno about riding goals, but I have two big (well, big for me) rock climbing objectives in my sights. Hopefully gonna do em both in July.

Northeast Ridge of Sharkstooth

Royal Flush


Do a 200k
Ride more downhill
Overnight ride to NYC

But really, just ride more than I have been

O shit

Just ride more mostly, but want to finally get off my ass and ride up some of the local canyons, ride my first century, do more mtb than last year (which was zero times).

Really want to do more hiking than riding though. Hoping for at least 2x a week.

Ride bunches.

You in Boulder? I’d be hella down for a tarckup with CO tarck peoples.

Those look like full value routes! I’m eyeing up similar stuff in the dolomites. 3 to 7 pitches of somewhat adventurous 5.4 to 5.9, preferably to a spectacular summit.

This guy is one option, astonishingly only 5.6:

More likely, we’ll do stuff at the cinque torri where sups will find more easy hiking.


The recent nice weather is giving me some serious spring fever. Want to get some camping weekends in, maybe a sierras backpacking trip in if we can get away from the dogs, I want to do some modest cycling just to get outside more on a weekly basis. Last year was tough financially and with the new puppy and the surgery on the other one. I didn’t take any vacation time all year.
Went for a hike yesterday that was a bit of a disaster but hopefully this will shape up