Squirrel cleans the closet because unemployed

Hey Ya’ll,
Would 100% prefer to sell these in Seattle cuz I have no boxes and dislike shipping hoops but if they don’t sell here I am open to sending expensive items afar.
I almost have everything up on craigslist but just discovered a whole other box of stuff that will probably take me a few hours.

Anyone know if there is a way to share a single link to all your for-sale CL ads from one account?
Grey indicates it already sold.

Of you go to one of your ads there should be at the bottom s link for “more ads from this seller” or something. Try that.

Yeah, I swore I saw that at one point but its not showing up as far as I can tell.
I even checked in incognito mode to avoid sign-in page format changes.

It is a thing you can enable or not for each ad. Maybe it was turned off when you made them?

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I’ve seen people add a custom string to their ads and just say ‘search for XXXX’ and that brings up all their ads

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Look at this and, it has the “more ads by this user” button down near the bottom. You need to edit your ads and enable this feature.

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Ah, there it is, perhaps default off in the rare chance there could be some clever burglary scoping out for 1 item with intent to collect all items at a later date when nobody was home?

Weird that its not a global change to all current ads.

Why not post list for friends first, all the craigslist work later with what is left behind?

I’d buy that black Brooks if it doesn’t sell locally.

I’d take the thunder butts if they don’t sell locally.

It’s pronounced “Chunder Butts”, tyvm.

kozmo mess bag is a blast from the past!

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Especially if you were riding bikes and drinking beer with the owner of that bag ~15 years ago.

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I do not want to be reminded of how far in the past 2005 is.


Dibs on that B-RAD rolltop bag if you end up feeling like shipping it!