Steel & Lightning

You guys ride steel bikes in lightning storms? I opted for the car today.

I got 4 titanium plates in my skull, I have no clue if lightning would jump to me or not (I am not scientist, please enlighten) but I still ride.

I try not to but I always seem to get stuck in one when there is one. If the storm gets too close I’ll find shelter.

You will surely die.
One time I was part of a group ride in a thunderstorm.
There were like 200 people and probably 150 of them were riding steel.
We all died.

Hey, golfers get hit carrying steel clubs. Seemed like a reasonable threat.

@Scott, titanium is a slightly better conductor than steel, fwiw

Being dead is awesome!

@Scott, titanium is a slightly better conductor than steel, fwiw[/quote]

Dang it.

This is why I have a full carbon lightning ride.

im pretty sure unless you in the middle of nowhere that the chances of getting struck by lightning being as low as you are is slim to none. lighting always goes for the easiest way to the ground and a building with steel framing and steal on top of it (lightning rod) is a easier path, plus the rubber on your tire slows the process and would be a deterrent. the reason golfers get struck is because there is nothing else around besides trees which are very good conductors where as the steel in the club is a much easier path.

but then again im not a physicist, ill ask my bro he is

I ride a steel frame and don’t worry about it. If you get struck let me know and I might start worrying.

The title of this thread is very misleading-ish. I was hoping for some cool metal reference or something…

I was riding around last night and this afternoon. Lightning doesn’t scare me.

But you’re Stormy.

Edit: My post count = my area code. And that’s… pretty cool.

how can lightning strike you if you’re mashing? just ride faster.

my steel frame has aluminum hubs, rims, cranks, pedals, seatpost, stem, and handlebars. i’m not too worried.

yeah too bad aluminum is an excellent electrical conductor.

i don’t ride in the rain. in fact, i don’t ride at all.

riding is overrated.

get thicker oury’s and a top tube pad

hey! if you die being struck by lightning will doing mad skidz, what a way to go… so what does it matter?