still STOLEN! Pink Spicer Fixed gear

i know some of you guys are local to NY state. my pink spicer fixed gear got stolen from my dorm last night. it would be great if you could keep an eye on craigslist and ebay.

pink aluminum frame
black aerospoke front wheel
pink rear tire
black deep V/ Paul hub
carbon brake lever
sram courier cranks with multicolored chainbolts.
glow in the dark headset spacers

Damn, that sucks!!

hope you get it back, it’s a hard bike to miss

i’m making my fourth trip around campus to make sure it didn’t get drunk borrowed, but i don’t have a lot of faith.
a friend saw someone taking it, fat dude riding off towards the parking lot, so i don’t have a lot of faith in the matter.
sucks, my favorite bike. i was getting ready to sell off the bikes it replaced. good thing i’ve waited.

Going to the fixie chop shop prolly, but man sorry for the loss. So the burning question is was it locked or what?

Shit brooks.

I love that bike.
Sorry Brooks.

Sucks man, I’ll keep an eye out on DC CL.

I have a hard time thinking that your bike won’t be found. I mean, look at it for fuck’s sake. When have you ever seen another bike like that?

Good luck.

[quote=houdini logic]wtf
hope you get it back, it’s a hard bike to miss[/quote]

not locked. on campus, it usually just gets borrowed. i always freelock, b/c there’s no rack, so i figured that if someone really wanted to take it, they would. guess i was right.

also, i just crashed really hard while riding around campus looking for it. not a good day.

the other problem is, even if they don’t sell the frame, there’s $500 worth of parts on there as it is.

here’s a close-up of the sp0k-

If it makes its way to MA I will let you know.

Fat bastard bike thief.

a fat guy on bard campus? that was definitely not a student. sorry dude :confused:

that sucks brooks.
i’m on ebay all day long… i’ll check regularly.

i’ll keep an eye on CT cl.

sucks, dude.

That would be hard to miss. Hope you find the bike with the fat guy still on it so you get to kick him off of it.

Sending the word out to forum.