Storyland Criterium Video

holy crap i want to race it.
i really like that area. obviously the autoroad hillclimb has its attraction (much as i hate the autoroad itself), but i didn’t know about that crit. it looks bizarre and fun and technical and hell of hard to move up. i bet some alleycat racers i know would do very well on such a course.

It seams like it solves the problem of crit’s always being about hanging on till near the end, then getting in position for the last turn… It was kind of like a micro road race

I did the race in '07. Did ok on the hillclimb, DFL in the crit and second to DFL for the cross.

It was a blast! I did the hill fixed on the Pista with a 20t cog and chainring. The crit on a road bike and the cross on a single speed with 40T/20T

That kid who did the pedal plant in '06 dominated the men placing high on the hillclimb. In the crit he pulled for the whole race the was passed by two in the sprint finnish.

He spanked us all in the cross on a road bike that was way to big for in on 28mm tires 1rst place., by himself light years ahead of second.

QP, I was thinking the crit would appeal to the allycat types. They haven’t set the '08 dates yet but it should be sometime in November before ski season and after foliage so the hotels are cheep.

[quote=“Quinn8it”] It was kind of like a micro road race[/quote] Yeah, it was like paved singletrack in places. Lots of hairpin turns some of them off camber all in a cheazy kiddie amusement park.

[quote=“DDYTDY”]I did the race in '07. Did ok on the hillclimb, DFL in the crit and second to DFL for the cross.

It was a blast! [/quote]

Is there any better race report?

[quote=“assmasacre”][quote=“DDYTDY”]I did the race in '07. Did ok on the hillclimb, DFL in the crit and second to DFL for the cross.

It was a blast! [/quote]

Is there any better race report?[/quote]

that looks awesome

There are plenty of breaks in crits too and that’s what most road races are about too. This looks more like a cross race with no dirt.

I like the kid describing his pedal strike at the end. It was so awkward.

Damn. It looks like a track from Mario Kart. Stupid blue shells.

i can;t believe how slowly they’re going. seems like a sprint off the front from the beginning would have won it.

judging by some of the turns in the video, it’s probably really hard to get a good head of steam and just “sprint off the front.” going fast on that course is probably more about cornering very efficiently and being able to pick up the pace again in a very, very short time.

The race for me consisted of, sprinting out of the corners, setting up for the next corner etc.
A lot of sections were left hairpin, right hairpin, of camber hairpin followed by the narrow hairpin up the short steep hill.

Recover a little bit then repeat.

I’m going to do some riding around the light post in the parking lot training for this years race. I need more faith in my tires.

My weight is down and fitness is up from last year so I’m expecting to do much better.

Its going to be on 11/8.

I hope to see all of the northeast members of Team Tarckbike there! :colbert:
:bear: :bear: :bear:

When do you have to register and whatnot for? Is there a website?

Registration’s not up yet for this one. As soon as it’s up I’m on it, and I’ll post here.

The cross race in this series includes the cross race in the Porky Gulch stage race.

Should we have a non track race thread?

Thanks man! I am totally putting that on the calendar. My new years resolution is to do some racing. Non track race thread is a good idea.

Its almost here!

I’m Ready!

i’m so not ready. i’ve been training exclusively through drinking and smoking and riding my bike around campus. nothing further that 2 miles at a time. i’ma get pitted.