Stuck Seatpost

So, working on my road bike and I finally ran out of things to rebuild and such and settled on the stuck seatpost.
It hasnt been a problem really because the seat is about the right height for me, but it’s been bothering me that it is stuck.
Any suggestions as to how to unstick it?

I wrap a cloth around it and hit it with a hammer while getting someone to hold the frame tightly.
It’s odd, my seatpost is the 27.2 kind, and after I got it powder coated, I had to actually tap it back in with a hammer. I don’t know why, because I had him mask the seat tube off. Now it’s quite tight and though I can move it around and pull it out, I don’t think I’ll do so until i get a different seat post. Should I go with a 27mm seatpost from now on?

I would seriously doubt there is a full 2mm of paint thats a lot!

try grease?

Sheldon’s got a pretty comprehensive guide here. Usually removing the seatpost bolt and crankin’ on the saddle pretty good does it for me, but you may have to try one of his other fourteen methods.

Good luck n’ godspeed.

[quote=“justin”]I would seriously doubt there is a full 2mm of paint thats a lot!

try grease?[/quote]

it is actually 0.2mm, which isn’t a lot, someone with more experience can say about using a 27.0mm post

to the op:
  1. Find a saddle you don’t like and mount it to the post.
  2. Bash the fuck out of the saddle with a drilling hammer.
  3. Buy a new seatpost, saddle, and frame.

Knew i was going to make a fool of myself… my bad
but i would still go with the 27.2 sliping while riding could be bad.

On a steel frame/aluminim post I did the ammonia trick. I even removed the BB and shot some in with a turkey baster.

Then I clamped the seatpost head in a vice and twisted the frame back and forth till it loosened up.

Don’t force it.