Sun Ringlé's Awareness

Are their 700c rims any good?


M13II are kinda poop atmo. Would not buy again.

Every Sun rim I’ve used has been way too hard to get tires on and off of, as if they’re just a bit larger than they’re supposed to be. Also their quality is generally in the same vein as Alex/A-Class and Weinmann. Not terrible, totally functional when lubed, tensioned and trued, but for a bike I actually care about I prefer Mavic, H Plus, Velocity, or DT Swiss.

more than happy with my cr18’s on the cross bike I have now and the several sets of rhino lites I’ve had in the past never let me down. I would buy both again.

good quality rims for a low price is always a winner in my book.

I have heard good things about their MTB rims.

Their MTB rims are awesome. Not familiar with their road rims.

As previously mentioned, their MTB rims (and BMX rims) are very good. I have some hard ano 700c ones on my Look, rebranded as Look RM8 CLM’s, and they come out of true just as often as every other wheel when you’re commuting. Not bad, but wouldn’t buy them.

I’ve built some awesome wheels with cr-18s. Rhyno Lites are my favorite rim for times when strength is the most important factor, in all sizes.

^^^ both of them are among the best rims of all time. of all time!

Especially for how cheap and available they’ve always been.

They ain’t the lightest but they really make the most of the material. Can get em factoryhigh polished too.

I buy M19AII’s and M17A’s when I find them…


rode a pair of sun ringle accelerator 3.0s for a bit, they were not bad, 1435 grams.

oshi who let the dog out? (of the marketplace)

wait sun rims and sun ringle are the same company?

the more you know, i guess.

had a wheel built with a Sun Venus rim. i rode that fucker everyday for 5-6 years without it needing to be trued once. although, like superveeps said, it was the hardest rim i’ve ever used to mount tires onto. sometimes i would literally take it to a bike shop to deal with changing flats, and i even had a shop give up in the middle of trying, after breaking 2 tire levers, and i had a shop mechanic tell me it was the tightest fit he’s ever seen in the 15 years he’s been a mechanic.

Another satisfied cr18 customer over here. Mine were both a bit hoppy at the seam but for the price, it didn’t matter. have built up into super strong commutin’ wheels, great for grinding sand and road shit into all winter.

i got 2 cr18’s for $10 and 6 mz14a or some shit for $20 at a swap meet a few years ago. sold most of the mz14a and built the cr18’s - they are super strong but not super round/true.

I had a fix/free formula/CR18 for a minute. Great wheel.

yep, got the same wheelset. Again, not a perfect rim, but for the price they are super strong and look good. not to mention eyelets.

M13s not so much. The rim joints are horrible