Superflash/Blaze GB interest

jusdt trying to see how many people would be interested. everyone could use a set of good lights.

yes! they’re pretty cheap as it is so any savings would make them a no brainer.

In for the combo.

Or the Princeton EOS that Bold rec’d, even though the runtime is pretty low.

I’m not understanding why it claims 121 hours then 1 hour on high, but i think rechargables increase the runtime by 50%

I might be interested in 2+, depending upon the price.

Is a group buy on this even possible?

if we get some decent numbers i’ll send an e-mail and see if we can get something going

i feel like we could easily get like 20 people into this

Count me in.

If Planet Bike say yes to this and it’s a go I could just go pick up the order (since they’re right here in Madison) and do all the individual shipping. Each unit should be less than one pound so that would make shipping about $3 for first class + delivery confirmation.

i hope so. maybe fenders next time if this goes well

I’m running this on one of my bikes, and I’d love to get a set for my other one.

I’m definitely down.

I don’t really like their fenders. They are attached with a plastic bracket and it tends to snap which leads to bad crashes if the fender gets sucked under the wheel.

Knog Beatle

i’ll prob take 2

How bought a headlight gb?
Like a minewt or sol from niterider?
I’d love a headlight that helped me see instead of be seen.

in but in as well with the headlight…

in for fenders :colbert:

I would be interested but I already have a set. They are great lights, it’s all I’ll use at night.

In for the set or just a superflash.

in + princeton. even the 1w Blaze isn’t super-bright.

also, fuck a knog.