Surgery soon, will be off the bike for 1-2 months. Help me not get fathouse

So i’m finally getting my elbow cut open, and recovery will be 4-8 weeks. No bike for 4 weeks for sure. Need to make sure i don’t turn into the blob.

Should I try spinning? I don’t run, so don’t suggest that shit.



Hope it all goes well!

Probably would try spinning in your situation. Spin class has to be more fun than riding a trainer, which is the most irritating and boring shit ever.



Hope it all goes well![/quote]

thanks, buddy. <3

thanks, Rich, also. How does that spin shit work? Do I bring my own pedals and shoes or what.

they normally have spd pedals, bring shoes.

trainer + netflix

also practice no handed fixay tricks

i found spinning machines rough to use because i’m so used to my saddle height and the machine has one cm intervals of adjustment and the saddle sucks. i like the eliptical machine a lot, the motion is similar to cycling and it’s low impact plus it has a tv and you can do intervals.

I think the standard is platforms with clips and straps but I have heard of places with clipless. Probably depends on the studio

check the bottom.
flip them and they have spd in every place I’ve been… which is like 4, so not many.

I only ever seen them in the window. I have a trainer at home but find it mind numbing, might do spin classes next winter

Spin bikes are kinda goofy but the resistance feels right. Resistance on the trainer always feels wrong/inconsistant which is why I hate using a trainer.

Cut down on them starchy vegs and pasta, white/wheat bread and all that…

Try to stay at your current sanity level…

…(good luck Tracy)


Could probs do elliptical too.

Goofy, but burns a fuckload of calories.

This. Fix your diet, stay as active as you can (walking and whatnot), and you should get leaner.

I did spinning after my shoulder surgery for about for a month or so before I could get back on a real bike and it wasn’t that great, I just got tired of being inside and trying to get a good fit on the spinning bikes.

I’d say controlling your diet is a better idea than trying to stay in shape post-surgery by exercising, trust me you’ll just burn your self out trying push yourself too hard to soon. I’ve been dealing with two injuries for over a year now that have reduced the amount of excercise I was getting from ~25hrs a week pre-injury to about 3-4hrs a week at the best of times and I’ve only put on around 10lbs. It’s really only the first few weeks you have to stay diligent and eat less than you used to and then you just get used to eating less.

good info, dudes (and lady). much obliged.


what are u getting done to your elbow btw?

just had a great idea…

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Second the elliptical, looks goofy as fuck but works. Swimming is also usually pretty good coming off an injury for obvious reasons. With diet, swap fish for meat, broil/steam and eat collard/turnip/mustard greens with every lunch and dinner (cheap, insanely good for you, quite filling because they’re bulky, no calories).