surly cogs

surly cog- $30
dura ace cog-$18



where are durace cogs $18


That’s pretty cheap for Dura Ace cogs.

Surly stuff is over-priced. That’s why their cogs cost $30.

A bike shop here in town has 'em for $18.

Formula cog = Surly cog from what I have been told.

The only formula cogs I’ve seen have looked stamped, while Surlys are CNCed (and with speed holes). I think they may be the same as Rockwerks cogs, though.
Dura-ace only go to 16 tooth, so if you need more than that you’re SOL. Can’t beat them if not, though.

E.A.I. I’ve never paid over twenty dollars bucks ($20 bucks) for a cog from any manufacturer. But I shop at my shop all the time.

larger sizes

I only paid $20 for my surly. Where are you seeing $30? That’s wack yo.

Is it me, or is the indentation on the DA cogs way too deep. I had one with a matching DA lockring and was taking the lockring off with the DA tool and that shit wasn’t flying. It doesn’t leave enough of the lockring out to grab with the tool. Anyway I’m not gonna run a lockring at the track anymore so it doesn’t matter anyway.

The day I switched to a Surly cog was the day I wrecked and screwed both of my shoulders. Coincidence I THINK NOT

well actually it was

I have a surly 17t and have had several DA 15t, I havent ever paid more than 15 dollars for any of them, all of them purchased new. Amazon used to have surly cogs on the cheap.

I paid almost $30 for my Surly including tax, so I’m not sure what it actually cost. Dura Ace only goes down to 16 amd I wanted a 15.

edit - Oh wait. I had it the wrong way around. They only go up to 16. Regardless. I like my cog. :colbert:

probikekit is selling Dura Ace cogs (13-16t) for $18 shipped right now.

DA has always been the cheapest quality cog. No idea why. It used to be that DA wholesale was $5 cheaper than surly. Now they’re within $1 of each other. I’d expect to see DA prices move to about $25 at most LBS’s before too much longer. Of course, tons of people have backstock in them, so there will probably be low prices on them at some places for a while.

I love when the LBS has loads of a particular item in back and they just can’t sell em and then I happen to need one and they hook it the fuck up!
The other day I got a $240 carbon fork for 90 bux cause they have a ton in back!

Surly cogs are not the same as Formula cogs. Formula cogs are stamped and of poor quality. I ran a Formula cog for a while, it worked fine and didn’t strip my hub, but I was kinda uneasy about it regardless.

i just ordered a new rear wheel from the bike biz with a 17t dura ace cog. what the fuck