Sweet sweet PANNIERS!

I plan on doing a bit of light touring on my track bike this summer and I want to get me some racks and panniers. Question is, how can I mount them without them little eyelets? Do you know of any that attach on the seat post or seat stays? What do you recommend?

The seat stay adapters on this page would probably do the trick.


If you haven’t gotten the rack or panniers yet I’d consider a CETMA instead though.

Could also call up Wayne at thetouringstore.com. It’s pretty funny, yea he has a website, but there is no way to order anything online so you just talk to the guy and he’ll help you out. I spent about an hour on the phone with him emailing photos and measuring parts on my bike. Worked out really well. Once you get a rack hooked up I highly recommend the Ortlieb Backpacker plus for panniers.

+1 on these! I have a friend that used them and they are really nice!

I would stay away from front racks! they make the bike crazy unruly! I would also stay away from the rear racks that mount to the seat post! They make your bike handle like a beast! I rode from S.F. to L.A.(on a road bike) one year with a seat post mounted rack, and one year with this bag/rack and the latter is far superior!!!

http://www.jandd.com/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=FSBP http://www.jandd.com/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=FRSTD

Jandd also has adapters to mount a rack on a frame without braze ons but the othere that were mentioned earlier are better!!!

Not to hijack or anything, but is there something similar to those seat stay adapters for a back brake?

I would stay away from front racks! they make the bike crazy unruly! I would also stay away from the rear racks that mount to the seat post![/quote]

A CETMA can be used with standard front panniers if getting the weight low is a concern. Light stuff like a sleeping bag, etc… could go on top.

A front rack with tarck geometry is not going to handle that well, but neither is a rear rack with tarck geometry. Touring fixed makes my knees hurt just thinking about it. Gear too high and you’re slogging up the hills on a loaded bike. Gear too low and you’re spinning like mad downhill and fighting the inertia of a loaded bike.

Seatpost racks scare me, so I’m in agreement with you there.

A trailer would be another option. Most are designed around quick release rear wheels though.

I have never used a front rack… so I am just commenting on what others have told me… I have however used a trailer fairly extensively. I use a Burley Flatbed trailer and the available nutted axle hitch. It is pretty hard to say what it would be like touring with… My guess is that it would be a PITA. I only use it for heavy loads at distances under 2 miles. sometimes I am amazed that the trailer feels just as unruly on the way to pick up the load as it does once it is loaded down… Not to be a dick to the OP, but it sure is nice to have a garage full of bikes, so i don’t have to use my track bike for touring…

I know that touring on your track bike sounds like fun, but seriously, it’s going to suck. Get a cheap touring bike off eBay or Craigslist and thank me later.

Also, the Nashbar touring frame is, like, $130 if you have a 20% off coupon. It’s got pretty long chainstays, too (45.5).

I wouldn’t really describe what I’m doing as touring. More like taking weekend trips out of the city, 60-80k type deals. More than that and I’ll be taking my roadbike fo’ shizzle.

I did a weekend trip to Vashon Island recently and even with staying in a little cottage it was a fair bit of stuff and pretty hilly for singlespeeding.

My girlfriend and I did 150ish K around Nord Holland in three days, on fixed gears, in the rain, with only our mess. bags. It was amazingly fun. We just rode slow, stopped and took hella photos and did every detour.

Some day soon I want to buy/borrow a nice touring set-up and do a two or three week trip, but don’t underestimate how much fun it can be to just grab a toothbrush and your tool-kit and hit the road.

You’ll be catching your heels on rear panniers with a track bike. the chainstays are too short. Get a Cetma rack.