swrve group buy - Tarckbike.com cap?

I posted this in the first group buy thread, but I thought this would be a good way to gauge interest.


swerve makes caps and has screeenprinting capabilities. Since we have a lot of people in for the group buy already it seems like it would be an easy enough thing to make happen. Would you be interested in a custom Tarckbike.com cap? I’m thinking a black cotton cap with a simple white logo on the bill. Maybe swrve would give us a price break for putting their logo on the underside or something.

An all over Tarckbear Louis Vuitton-type print would be be pretty awesome too.

I know we have a lot of designer-types here, so if you have ideas, post em’ up.

tarckbear on the bottom of the bill would be cool.

Stated in the other thread if swrve doesn’t work out for whatever reason I have a cap from waltz with tarck on it. It was stitched on to screen printed.

i like this idea. i don’t have flow for the pants but i’d be in for a tarck cap depending on logo/price.

I’m interested. If it’s just going to be black I’d rather have an image on the hat itself instead of under the brim, though.

I didn’t see their screenprinting capabilities, I would like a link for details. But y’all have seen my all-over print for Tarckbear, even so, it bears reposting:

i totally dig that design. my only issue is the .com making things seem a bit unbalanced, maybe actually put a www. in front?

for sure. smart move.

or just get rid of the .com

I’m not a fan of the www. or the .com, but i’ve learned to give up caring about that.

I love bolds design, I would definately buy one if it’s 15 or less. This would be awesome if it happened.

AMAZING. But I agree with removing the .com, or making it smaller and inserting a small www. in front. (I prefer the latter option)

I’ve never wanted a cycling cap before. I do now.

aww makin’ me all teary eyed.
Is tarckbike going through a forum euphoria?

here it is fixed, but honestly if they are going to be sewing the caps after we make them, I would be so much more down for an all white all-around printed cap. Pitch it to them.

yeah i would for sure be in for a cap, not sure about pants yet but the caps would be sick

Fuck, me neither. Count me in

EDIT: Also, the LV style print all over with tarck bear would be stylin too.

Oh hell yes! Count me in.
-Euro “Mr Hat” Josh.

Nice work!

in for a cap, as well. the bear is def the way to go. this site owns that as a logo, for sure

i’m always up for a cap.