TAF 80s Specialized Allez

80’s Specialized Allez with custom CyclArt paint job including chrome fork tips and chain stay. It’s either 56.5 or 57 square, just a bit too big for me. Looking for a good home for it. Don’t care about the money.


Dammit I’m trying to save for MTB parts, but my current narrowest-tire bike has 2.1" tires on it.

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Will this fit you? Will you do it justice?

I’ve literally never seen Jimmy not do a frame justice


If you’re into it, get at me.

I think I rode a century on this and that’s about it. Nearly cried that it was too big for me. Tried 650b for a while, too.

Found the original seller’s photos. It’s an '82:


Plz confirm size.
I will absolutely do it justice.

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PS, just checking does it have a serial # stamped on the BB, or perhaps just the size?

99.9% Sure this is not 3Rensho built, but if it is that would change things!

With my tape, I measure it at 56.5-57cm center-to-center both ST and TT. It’s a bit big for me. My Poprad which fits is 55cm, and I’ve put thousands of miles on a 56cm Cannondale.

It is exactly my size

I do not need another frame

Serial number is stamped on the BB, can’t really make it out, and it’s definitely not a 3Rensho.

Probably Tim Neenan, Jim Merz, or Mark Dinucci.

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Edited. Apparently I was toddler distracted when I posted this

gorgeous bike, not my size!

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Love that chainstay bridge

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IN! My size, and I’d be stoked to have a skinny tired fast road bike back in the stable.

Have pretty much everything except wheels for it. (well I do have a pair of 700c wheels that in theory would fit but they are mismatched Bontrager and Rolf and one has a fiberfix spoke on it).


Stoked to see another Jimmy road bike
The gold Miyata was so good

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That’s beautiful, wish I coulda snagged it for sup but prolly a little too big. Woulda been sweet to have matching 80’s specialized road bikes

Can’t wait to see jimmys build