tallbike thread

In anticipation of the tallbikes jgarcia and I are planning to forge this summer, hopefully in the near future, I was hoping people would post up rad pictures, stories etc. of/from their tallbikes and experiences with them.

i had one come unwelded at the steerer tube, and i crashed and went to the ER with a shoulder injury.
a frend and i built them and jousted.
the best one i built was a fixed gear, cause it was the easiest to control

Wish I had somewhere to weld. I should sign up for the third ward.

Here’s a video I made about tallbikes, starring our own VT Tallbike:


I’ll post a pic of the tallbike we built in it’s current incarnation, soon as I take one.

Hook up with those Black Label dudes, I’m sure they’ll build you one for not too much. If you hang out by the bridge you’ll run into at least one of em.

But wanring, they are some diirrrrrtttttyyyyyyyyyy mofo’s. Cool as ell ,but fuckin dirty. Especially the women.