tandems for people with height disparities

so my dude can’t ride a bike because he only has one hand

i think a tandem would be pretty great but he is a foot taller than me

anyone have any ideas for how to get a tandem that would accommodate a crazy tall person in the back? all sheldon has to say about it is that it works best with the taller person in front.


i want a tandem so that I can put my crippled boyfriend on the back and get around with him


all deals with smaller frame in the back, is there any reason you couldn’t put the larger frame in back instead? im having a hard time visualizing

a tall one handed crippled man? you guys are probably the coolest couple ever.

the hand is still there, he just can’t use it for at least a year while he goes to physical therapy. after the year of physical therapy is over they will have a better idea of how much hand function he’ll regain :frowning:

but he can’t ride a bike because of obvious safety reasons

clearly a tandem is the solution since neither of us can afford a car

Well I guess all you can do is get a tandem with mostly same sized “frames” front and back, and then get a mile long seatpost for him, with lots of setback. At least unless you’re willing to have a frame custom made.


this sounds so uncomfortable for all parties involved

maybe time to invest in a scooter

i like how the newscaster in that video can’t stop smiling, awesome

i wonder if that’s something you could pull off if you weren’t a really proficient cyclist before losing your leg. probably, i guess, people are pretty amazing

i think part of the “no bikes” might also be that they’re afraid that if he had an accident that it would really jeopardize the chances of his hand healing right, and probably the odds of him crashing are higher since he wasn’t exactly an avid rider before he hurt his hand

Co-Motion Periscope is built just for what you’re talking about.

get one of these…


or a hase pino.
but both are multi thousand purchases.

or the bilenky viewoint