Tange 2?

Anybody know anything about it.
My guess is it is just standard DB 4130 under the tange name, I recently acquired a touring bike from the 80’s built from it. Seems like a solid bike, suntour bits and dia compe brakes etc. Sugino triple, just wanted to know about the tubing if possible.

Yeah, It’s 4130. Here’s a link for more details

http://www.desperadocycles.com/Tubing_P ... Tubing.htm


My Schwinn is Tange #2 Champion. From what I gather Tange #1 is the lightest and every number up it gets a little heavier.

However I think their was a time when it was opposite and the smaller the number the heavier the tubing.

I found some good info on it through google and the C&V forum on Brian Forums.

My old Bridgestone Grand Velo was Tange 2. Not terribly heavy but not light either, but it was solid and could stand up to a brusing. Even with steel bars and no TT protector, I never seemed to dent the top tube.