tarck as fuck

VIMBY - Future Tense

kills self

Vimby is so gay

edit: I would goto that event, but not participate.


i have never been so unimpressed.

fuck zlogblog. :colbert:

eh, i didnt think it was that bad

vimby sucks tho

watching those numbskulls race was pathetic

Kill me now.

Kill me now.[/quote]

I wish i could be interviewed while skitching on a truck

The guy doing the “trick” trackstands puts his foot down twice, by my count.

even if he did, i still think thats somewhat impressive
but i think if his feet did touch the ground they didnt really help him keep balance. more of an accident

It seemed fine up until 0:37, then it all when to shit. Nothing at all wrong with kids / young people hanging out and riding their bikes. It’s when you get all over-wrought about the importance of the “scene” that it gets all dorky and starts feeling like someone trying to profiteer. Just ride and have fun, why make it any more complicated than that??

would have been better with bmx bikes

EDIT: NVM coz vimby

BTW Cal Anderson Park to 65th where these guys went is less than 5 miles

That guy with the green and white bike was good.

Kill me now.[/quote]

hipster criterium?

i want to like crap like this, i really do. the tricks looked good, compared to a lot of others out there (remember the failed bunnyhop off a ledge that got so many props?). tricks are pretty cool on whatever bike you do them on, especially if you pull them off with style. i just think it’s weird that there’s a subculture built around it and i think the subculture itself is weird.

Video took forever to load. I lost patience. Doesn’t seem like I missed much.