Tarck biek spoke cards?

Anyone interested in getting some printed up? A buddy of mine works at a printer so I could probably get a decent sized batch made for cheap, we just need a design.

I would be into it.

artblur sent me a tarck spokecard. Pretty slick.

I think a nice postcard sized card with tarck bear on one side and tarckbike.com on the other would be pretty great.

Other than that, a card with the Pabst logo.

tarck stickers, t-shirts, spoke cards…
i’ll design anything (if anyone wants me too).

do it

I’m totally against spoke cards but would probably change my stand for one with Tarck Bear on it.

hit me up when you need the vectors. I think a postcard is mighty large for a spoke card. 1/6th of a normal sheet of paper is perfect IMHO.

bold… i want a pabst one … didn’t you design that one?

someone should design and print cut-outable polo-disks on cardstock or something.
I want a tarckbike sponsored “aerojoke” polo wheel.

I’ve been looking for that perfect accessory to make me look like someone who wants to look like a bike messenger.

“Caution! Strong rider coming through. I’m also a good guy” :bear:

i want a t-shirt that says:
I used to ‘mess’ in the 90’s

I made my own… with someone else design.

I don’t like spokecards. But, like said above, I would consider reppin’ the bear.

[quote=“artblur”]i want a t-shirt that says:
I used to ‘mess’ in the 90’s[/quote]

That would be so cool and true.

[quote=“VT tallbike”]I made my own… with someone else design.
eurojosh used the same design on his disc wheel.

if anyone wants i can email them the original… & you can make your own cards


oh god