tarck bike for the tarck?

i apologize for starting a thread about bikes, honest - sorry! ok, so i need to build a bike for the velodrome. my budget is limited, but i must have a tarck bike, as i will sorely regret missing out on riding in circles this season.

i was planning on getting the kilo tt for a while, and was about the pull the trigger on an orange one (had wanted white), but i just compared the geometry to a pista, and realized the kilo is hardly a tarck bike. i assume the pista is pretty standard track geometry. the kilo’s head angle is 2 degrees more slack, the seat tube angle is more slack, the wheelbase is like 4 cm’s longer…

does anyone here actually ride a kilo tt on the velodrome? how well will the kilo work for a beginner on the track (kenosha)?

i’m not sure i can afford a race worthy track bike - the red capo is looking really hot - but out of my range probably.

You’ll have to take those risers off.

don’t antagonize. i r seriousz tarck racer! :colbert:

Have a look at the capo’s geometry… it’s basically an older caad 5 with track dropouts. It’s not even as track as a surly steamroller and yet it’s a killer track bike. The moral is, most hand wringing over track geometry is pretty homosexual, and not the good kind of homosexuality where you suck a hot guy’s cock. if the kilos bb is high enough it ought to be fine for a beginner track (not tarck) bike.

I ride ADT with two guys that are on the Killo tt. One is actually a KHS flight 100… They both seam pretty happy with the bikes. I ride a Pista. The thing about these bikes is, if you can be happy with a stock set-up they are a cheap, and not that bad way to get into track riding. If you are a person who likes nice stuff and will continuously upgrade the bike it doesn’t work out cost wise…
The pista cost me about $525… I was interested in getting on the track, but I didnt put much thought into it…
Due to LBS installing a crappy cog i ruined the threads on the wheel… so new Mavics cost me $400
then I threw on the Sugino 75’s that was like $350 at the end of the day
I wanted sexy Bars… Deda Pista $80
The bars dont fit the stock stem… Deda pista stem $125
And im a sucker for a Kris King headset… $125
Luckily I had a saddle and post lying around…
That totals over $1600 on a bike that most people think is a P.O.S.

I could of had a Pista Concept with the same wheels and bars that I upgraded to for $1200
or a Fuji Track Pro for just under $1000 http://www.thebikebiz.com/product_p/bk-trk-fuji02.htm

Track geometry is like phrenology or something… total quackery. FWIW, the Pista has traditional “sprint” geometry, while just about every else in the world is using more the slightly more relaxed “pursuit” geometry, including all the people who are going to beat you on your “sprint” geometry bike.

The Kilo TT is definitely the best entry-level track bike for the money. What’s the story with the Kilo TT Pro? If that’s coming out soon and the parts are spec’ed right, I would probably recommend that over the regular Kilo TT. Do any non-banned members have the scoop from Mike?

I think the TT Pro is 6 months out at last check.

Yeah. I was not too into the idea of using my Rush Hour on the track due to it’s road-ish geometry. But after riding on the track I’ve discovered it’s quite nice. The only issue I’ve run into is in an out-of-saddle sprint in the sprinters lane it can get a tad unstable. But I think part of that is me needing some more control and balance/out-saddle-sprints that low on the track are probably always gonna be a little wonky.

Basically what I’m getting at is people need to stfu about “track geometry”. Of course you don’t want super slack shit, but people always have a hair up their ass about tire clearance.

get the concept. you’re going to get hooked once you ride track for a while & then you’ll wind up spending the dough anyway to upgrade parts on a less expensive bike.

At this point the Pista Concept is just that. A concept.

its all about tire clearance
handling means nothing
especially on the track
if your tirezzz are tight you reduce the airfoil effeectzzz from having less wind touch your tyrezzz
then you don’t have to pedal as hard cause you aren’t battling that damn wind touching your tirreezzzz
too much wind going through the space between the fork crown and tyre is detrimental
subsequently with less wind you can run a much bigger gear
and destroy tarck noobzzz at the track

thats why real tarck bikezz are so tyte

dooktruck speaks the truth. it’s all about the tight clearances to reduce the airfoil effect. if you put wings on your helmet and hold your head at just the right angle it will further enhance your aeroability. also, a mustache with little wings acts the same way. if you adjust the angle you hold your head at and you can actually create downforce with the mustache to make your tires get better traction and you can therefore take the turns much faster.
why do you think all the old school racers had big mustaches. especially the italians.