Tarck, give me your build advice

This is what I have:

Kinda heavy, but still decent by my standards.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

I have heard enough good things about Rival and Soul to give them a try. Are there other things I should consider in a similar price/weight range? More importantly, too much white?
Tell me what to buy, internet!

q: are you retarded?

Lookin’ good son!

You alreddy seam to kno wut u want; if I were you, I’d rock the saddle and batrape in red!

Red would look sweeeetttt on that frame.

If you mean a Red group, I can’t afford that. If you mean red saddle and batrape, maybe.

Kinda. I just wanted to make sure I’m not being “retarded”.

nvm im retarded

sorry, i meant a Red group. i would stick with the white for saddle and tape.

Stick with the white, it’ll be balling. I’d also go with black tires, and I’m sure you already know what brand/model you prefer in that dept.

I don’t think you needed advice, I think you just wanted to show us this badass bike you’ll be building. Not that I blame you!

TC: I wanted to see all the pictures on the same page, in addition to getting feedback.

I thought I’d let tarck share in my bike building fantasies.


my advice is to go around saying “sinnelly” but kinda grinning as you do it so yhey know you being fatuous

What is your deal sol? Jesus Christ.

To the OP, that looks like a build I’d be happy with, but I’d probably go the boring route with a black saddle and black tape.

stick with your plan, i like it.

add a trisp0k to the front and it’ll be perfect

looks good to me. why not the 4.0s though? in whiteeee.

I’ve got serious issues with this build. The ergo handlebars are completely and totally unacceptable. Everything else gets an emphatic HY.

yep. cinelli specs them on the “module”. terrible. the wilin comes with handlebars bent the way god intended.

I’m not a huge fan of high profile rims, aesthetically speaking. Plus, the 4.0 set is almost a pound of extra rotating mass compared to the 2.0. This bike will see more hill climbing than pace line.

As far as the ergo bars go, I’m going to give them a try since I already have them. Besides, the shape is not really that bad for ergo bars. They seem pretty similar to the Salsa Short & Shallow bars I have on my Crosscheck, maybe with more of a flat ramp down to the hoods.

Thanks for the input.

White saddle red tape or vice versa.

[quote=daedelus]They seem pretty similar to the Salsa Short & Shallow bars I have on my Crosscheck

I luv these bars.