Tarck Jerseys?

I’d love to get my hands on a sick jersey,
I’ve had this idea running around for some time, I’ll try and mock something up soon, but basically in small-ish writing it would say “Tarckbike.com” on one sleeve and then on the front/back or wherever is would say “Armed and Hammered” around the arm and hammer baking soda arm logo.
That was the basic premise and I’d love to see it or something completely different take off. A couple months ago at a ride some girl was talking about how her and her vetrinary friends had gotten custom jerseys printed so I know its do-able, just gotta figure out where/how.
Ideas? Interest? Suggestions?

tarck bear. somewhere

I’m open to design options and also to trying to get this together.

As I quickly scoped prices it looks like about 62-70 per jersey if we get 25 ordered, thats basically full custom and either long or short sleeved, though I will continue to look at prices.

i was drinking one night and mocked up a shitty tarck jersey. i think it said “BUTT” across the rear pockets.

someone should do a real one.

Bold has made one I like. BOLD WHERE ARE YOU?

id be down for a tarck jersey.

Same here I could wear it with my cap and be hellafuckingballstothewallsawsome!!

Only if it’s a wool jersey.

Not at that price, also i cant even find anyone who will do custom wool jerseys.

Talk to Bold, he has a really nice one mocked up.

We could get them through ChampSys if we want. They only have a 10 jersey minimum and after that you can add however many of anything you want. Socks, shorts, bibs, hats, etc. The jerseys would only run about $50ish too. I would be okay doing some of the legwork as well.

wool is cool. steel is real.

I had done some pricing for full kits for a small race team I was going to put together. I had narrowed down to VOLER or MT BORAH In the end I was going to go with Mt Borah because for the Semi-custom it was easier to get an idea of how the finished product would look. With Voler you have to commit and pay a deposit before you see a mock up.


These dudes will do custom wool gear.


I would be down for one like this! Possibly on yellow!

or not

or not[/quote]

ugh, no yellow.
I see way too many upper middies on the MUP in yellow cruisin’ like they’re dead.
Like riding a bike makes you on par with dudes killin it TDF style.

Definitely not yellow. Green, blue, orange, or pink would be much better.

I designed one in my dream last night… it was a world champ jersey with the outline of tarck bear and said “tarck” on it… it was rad…

id wear that.

id also wear something in white or black that says “tarck” up the side and thats it.
it would look good if it was similar to (or the same as) the type on the bmc track machine. tarck is about being classy.