Tarck Movie Nite! (This week's showing: "Quicksilver")

Hey bitches, it’s mother fucking Tarck Movie Nite. So by the grace of Tarck bear I’ve decided to take it upon myself to put up a tarcky movie for all you tarck boys and girls. So quick, grab a can of shut the fuck up and a large bag of sit your ass down and let’s enjoy the ball caressing sweetness that is Quicksilver.

Just so you know, you’ll need the divx plug-in for your web browser


Note: Yes, we all know it’s a goddamn single speed, but who cares. The bikes fucking DANCE!

Also, taking requests for next week’s Tarck Movie Nite.

RAD next week? I can upload it.

i’d be up for some rad. american flyer and breaking away would be good too

JohnnyKtarr on it.
I was just about to vote RAD.

steel magnolias

+1 for RAD

EDIT: Breaking away would be sweet as fuck too

quicksilver was awesome!

made my thursday night exciting.

Quicksilver was great. Thanks.
RAD next week would be awesome. I could supply Breaking Away for week 3 if necessary.

what would be even cooler is to schedule a time that we all get on and watch the movie at the same time and get in chat. Or even have someone broadcast the move on blogtv or stickam so we can chat about it there.

that would be tite as fuck

I like how bacon’s bike turned into a SS with no brakes on the race between him and Fishburn.

from now on, i’m going to rock/roll a suit with a cycling cap.

also, terry is fuckin smokin

Airborne is a really awesome movie.
i’d like to see the flying dutchman

The flying scotsman would be neat! I’ve always wanted to see it. The flying dutchman is a ghost ship, or when you order a burger with no bun or vegetables at in n out.

Breaking Away is one of my favorite movies ever.

[quote=CeeGee]Quicksilver was great. Thanks.
RAD next week would be awesome. I could supply Breaking Away for week 3 if necessary.[/quote]

Fuck yeah

This idea is awesome. I missed Quicksliver, but I’m so pumped for next week

^it’s still there buddy boy. Just check the first post, let it buffer for 15-30 minutes, then come back and enjoy a rad 80s bike movie.

i have the flying scotsman
i’m not sure how to put it on that site if we want to have that for one week?

I vote for the Crying Game