Tarck Racing

Do many of you guys participate in alley cat races? If you do, please feel free to share your experiences with these so called “bicycle messenger races,” and be verbose, your one line answers are not distracting enough at work/school (I would like to point out that I am not, in fact, at school or work right now making this post).

Also, don’t forget to fill out the spiffy accompanying poll.

I like bike polo and drunk roller riding better.

races are fun. beer is bad for racing though, rain+brakeless is worse.

I’m pretty awesome.

I like having fun on a bicycle but have never raced an alleycat because I’m simply not that cool. I’ve raced on the track though, which bubble does that qualify me for?

I completely forgot about saturday. I drunk instead.

I filled this in using my new Wacom drawing tablet… set to no.2 pencil… is that okay?

I have done ok racing on the track and on the tarck. It’s fun as shit and i would like to do more, so I’m thinking in a very noncommittal way about getting a proper track racing bike and/ or getting a lighter cross wheelset for my crosscheck.

I did one yesterday that was pretty friggin’ sweet. Almost 45 miles (43.8) with a LOT of climbing. 54 racers started, 30-something finished. I got 16th, and I honestly believe a few of the “finishers” ahead of me spent a little time with their bikes on bus racks. Not that I can’t be beat, I was actually going pretty slow, but you know how when you look at these little twerpy kids (who’ve never even shown up at a race) and just know there is no fucking way. My goal was to finish, and I did so I’m good. It was awesome though.

I did two races last week. They were fun. The monday race involved a lot of coffee, and the saturday race was just a great event. Big afterparty, 22mi course. I hurt a bit today.

Yea, I was at both the races too, my tongue is only just now recovering from the coffee burns I got Monday.

Certainly not the top one.

I’ll allow it.

I see right through your lies, gramps.

Sounds like a blast, a 45mi race would kill me though, holy crap.
Edit: Getting the route from stop to stop down correctly is worth more than just going real fast, I always mess up my route though so I try to go fast instead. I would feel pretty damn lame riding a bus during a race, unless I got multiple flats and didn’t have spares.

Yeah, I just asked for water and mixed them so I could knock the shots back fast.

The Bikes and Rec crew is really upping the ante in the prize/after-party category.
I had a great route for hustle and grind, and was doing pretty well yesterday until I forgot to check if it was west or east Boise ave for the finish.

It was only the first stop that burned, all the others I got some ice tossed in. I was doing really well in the hustle race until the 2nd to last stop, went to the far side of the grove for some retard reason, got passed by two guys.

Yesterday though, I was hauling some serious ass with a couple other guys, but we fucked up and didn’t realize lucky 13 was past barber park, so we lost a lot of time backtracking after that screw up. I’m hoping there’s gonna be another race before the halloween one.

I’ve never done any racing but I’d really like to.
Anyone know of anything coming up in Chi?

Did I mention I was awesome?

My hero!

my favorite alleycats are the ones where i find a riding partner who is up for substituting all the checkpoints for all the liquor stores in the vicinity and aiming to be the drunkest team to finish.

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]My hero!

I love you.

Just hold me.