tarck recommends

handlebars: soma hwy 1

pre-QBP Salsa quill stems
classic Flite saddles
Fizik Tundra (gnar-only)
Nitto B115 bars
Kool Stop salmon brake pads
On-One Il Pompino frameset
Lazer Genesis hamlet
Boeshield T-9
SKS P-series fenders

Reluctant approval dept:

VO seatpost

Too early to really tell but so far awesome dept.:

Resist Nomad tires

Used to think was awesome and now having second thoughts dept:

Deda crabon batrape



6600 doe

Burger bells

Wide tires and rims.
Cotton tape.

tarck stickers

[quote=hiljentaa]Wide tires and rims.
Cotton tape.[/quote]

For sure on both.

Cheap ass Nashbar canti post mount front rack.
Using a bear bell as a bike bell if/when you spend a lot of time around pedestrians/campus/MUP’s/etc.
Tiagra everything.

Purple ano

Michelin Mud2
Tektro CR720 cantis

Getting blow jobs.

Hold fast straps and big plastic bmx pedals for commuting

Resist nomads

Marzocchi forks

POC knee pads

VO seatpost

Not putting a bunch of money into a bike you don’t like in the hopes you’ll change it enough that you start liking it

Riding slowly into the woods on a reenactment bike and snacking on some olives, cheese, and espresso when you find a shady stream crossing.
Punching new guys in their danglers.
Chaco sandals
Wheelies at the end of mountain stages.


Peter Sagan
Using your smartphone as a remote for your laptop which is HDMI-cabled to your TV.
National Geographic Magazine

Insect repellent. Good god, Insect repellent.


I like both of mine. The one that came on my dirt jumper is a 2005 and the fact that it wasn’t fucked like everything else about the bike is impressive