tarck stickers....

so room203 is mia… anyone have the file for the stickers? I’m down for making more. I have a sticker order going in this week anyway.


i’d be down for a patch

Tomity’s Senja Fuda (sp?) sticker plz.



i would be down for a patch tho

Oh yeah… i forgot all about those. Tomity made one of those for our track series that I finally got around to having made.

I’ll do both that one and the classic sticker if somebody gets me the files.

What happened to 203? I see him posting every now and again. I see him in chat. He was just asking for a loan?

Anyways… I’d be down for a patch… but whatever.

if someone gets me the files i’ll take charge of getting a patch made

somebody plz get on patch. and I’m down for a reorder of the stickers as well. I could use a few.

TarckBike.com (Fuck Your Fixed Gear)

tarckbike.com (so ironic, we’re not)

i say we do a new design

This thread wins. Also, down with Patch.

would love this to happen

Are you going to have some in the shop too?

I sent 203 some money like a week and a half ago. haven’t gotten my stickers yet.

I send monies about a month ago now and still now stickers. Canada is not that far away.

don’t make this the where are my stickers thread. This is the where is the design for the stickers?

But I like the “WC” striping.