i once did a 360 flattie over a hip then rolled up to a quarter, did an abubuca on the sub with a barspin thrown in for good measure, fakied out, then threw down a 180 tailwhip. all the women hanging out at the park (must have been like 25-30) were so impressed i was able to get dates with like, all of them. it was cool. the next day to my dismay i discovered that both of my wheels had completely blown up and i had like 17 cracks in my frame including a headtube that had completely detached itself from the rest of the frame.

I agree

Sweet. 17’s a lotta cracks. Musta been a buuuuuuurrrly abubuca.

(I don’t know what an abubuca is, but it sure sounds like fun.)


Ill be back in richmond in a few weeks Im just trying to pass the time on my bike. I would rather ride around the house then waste money on gas that I could save up for bike parts.

im pretty upset that i can’t do wheelies for my life… i just cant get the front up. and i can’t bunnyhop either. its so frustrating cuz i used to ride a lot of bmx too lol. im pathetic

I just did a pretty long skidstop yesterday. On a gravel road, with fully loaded panniers and a sleeping bag strapped on top. It was kind of neat.

I tried risers a couple times in the street in front of the apartment. They make popping the wheel up easier. Still can’t wheelie though. I think taller riders probably have it easier, more weight higher up.

So if the OP does live in the middle of nowhere, surely he has a car, right? Why doesn’t he put his bike in his car and drive somewhere to ride. It’s going to be a whole lot more fun than rolling around in circles doing “tricks” in your front yard.[/quote]

Last I heard, putting your bike in a car and driving somewhere else to ride is a bannable offense on tarckbike.com. The only exemption is if it’s a fixed mtb with a gearing lower than 32x18 and the trail is more than 7 miles away.


Last I heard, putting your bike in a car and driving somewhere else to ride is a bannable offense on tarckbike.com. The only exemption is if it’s a fixed mtb with a gearing lower than 32x18 and the trail is more than 7 miles away.[/quote]

Shit. Someone ban me.

I don’t mean to be one of those “tricks are stupid” guys, but don’t you guys think grinding and running up the sides of trees looks really funny/dumb?

on a tarck bike, yes. on BMX no. i used to be able to do tree rides. stopped after i tried to fakie out of one, locked up my rear and slammed my head into the brick walkway.


riding up trees on tarck will never bee as cool as bmx or mtn because no one will ever get as high up the tree on tarck. then again, that same kind of logic applies to any tricks on tarck vs bmx and that isn’t stopping anyone.

^ My thoughts exactly. I watch the MASH trailer and all that other stuff, then I just think back to watching flatland/street BMX and how much more one could do on one of those bikes.

yeah, at one point i was impressed when folks do BMX style tricks on a tarck bike, and i guess it’s kind of cool that folks have the skills to do a tailwhip on their road bike but it’s kind of like watching someone box one handed: they’d probably be capable of a lot cooler stuff if they just got on a BMX. people are spending money to build barspinnable bikes which i think is sort of ridiculous.

tricks are fun though, i can understand why folks want to do them. i can’t do any real “tricks” but i can do balance stuff like stand on the top tube while riding, hang off the side of the bike with one leg and one hand while doing circles, navigate effectively with no hands, etc.

my new years resolutions were to quit smoking, and learn to wheelie and track stand. it’s halfway through the year and i’ve quit smoking and resolved to buy a BMX.

I disagree. I think a lot of riders are doing fixed gear “freestyle” tricks because it’s a whole heluva lot easier (and takes basically no balls) to do a wheelie and barspin. Frankly, I think most of the riders I’ve seen would look foolish on a BMX bike.

please elaborate, somehow i can’t parse that.
edit: unless you meant it’s easier to do those tricks on a tarck bike, in which case whaaaaaaat?

I think some flatland tricks would be much easier on a tarck bike but any kind of big jump trick or crazy nonsense would be far easier on a bmx. Plus tarck bikes offer a whole lot different avenue with the tricks because of skids.

Yes, most of the flatland tricks, which is the overwhelming majority of what I see, is far easier on a fixed gear than on a flatland bike. And even then, the flatland tricks are lame and take place nearly at slow-motion. One only has to spend a few minutes on YouTube to see how fast real flatlanders move.

What I mean when I say that it’s easier is that by choosing a bike that is almost inherently limited to a few lame flatland tricks, you are never forced to “go big.” No one is ever going to fakie wallride-to-tailwhip on their fucking track bike. Frankly, skidding your bike is fucking lame compared to the tricks that your average kid on a BMX pulls at Any Skatepark, USA.

i thought most flatland bikes were fixed gear? i assume you mean non-BMX fixed gear. anyways, i still disagree. somehow i feel like people aren’t going to be doing this stuff: http://youtube.com/watch?v=A2LTVhqHAdo on their track bike either (and those russian gymnast bikes don’t count as track, though i think owning one would be pretty tarck). basically all of what i have read and experienced tells me most flatland style tricks are harder on bigger bikes.

edit: i think we’re saying the same thing but somehow this is incredibly confusing?
edit 2: apparently flatland bikes have a freecoaster

edit 3: okay i finally understood you. i guess it is easier to learn to do a wheelie on a track bike than learn to do a quadruple shit-flip or whatever on a BMX?