tarckbike serotta raffle results....



So you made $300 for this bike?

dude your voice is crazy

congratulations, misspelled name guy

dont drop any in that water bowl

dammit I lost.

it will put the lotion in the basket

Haha, I laughed really hard at that part.

james mccohen


alright…he’s the winner

i really like that daschund a lot.

Fucking noob wins?

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]FUCK!!!
Fucking noob wins?

yeah that’s why i laughed when i heard who wins.

$285 afer paypal fees and i gotta ship it.
so maybe more like $250 for frame and fork which is probably a little less than i have in it…

it will put the lotion in the basket[/quote]

i’ve heard that quite a few times.

was she a great big fat person

awesome dapple sachshund.

tha’s my moms dog. i’m dogsitting and that dog sucks. she pees all over the place and whines all the time and doesn’t know what “no” means.

that dog does suck

doofo ban (l) and james mcmullen