Tarckcap for $20 (shipping included). Are you in?

From bold, and with input from all of you fine people, here is the proposed design for the first as-official-as-it-gets tarckbike.com cycling cap.

This would be on a plain, all-black, 100% cotton cycling cap by swrve (without the ribbon). We’ll need a minimum order of 25 caps. We’d get an additional reduction on price at 51 caps, and again at 76 caps.

I can handle the administrative stuff and shipping/distribution, but if you are a kickass screenprinter or know one, now is the time to speak up. If you are a designer who can render this design in the format the printer would need, your skills would also be appreciated.

We need a minimum commitment of 25 people to make it happen. Based on the quote I got from swrve (see this thread) I’m conservatively estimating $20 as the final cost per cap, including shipping to your door. Any leftover funds would be turned over to the admins for site-related expenses. I’d also like to be able to offer the same price to our far-flung tarck brethren, so for these reasons, and the fact that it’s a nice round number I’m asking for a $20 commitment.

Input is welcome, but really at this stage I just need to know if you’re in or out. This would be a prepayment situation, with delivery 4-5 weeks from when the order is placed.

I know a guy who is pretty good at rendering that into the proper format.
I’ll ask him…

Okay he said he’s in, it’s that one bold guy.
Want to ask them what they would like it in or should I assume it’s a pdf, with a separate page for each color being printed.
I am also fairly certain I could get the printing done cheaper, as well as do the legwork. I’ll talk to my screenprinting buddies tomorrow.

If there aren’t 25 i’m gonna be pissed.

Hell yeah. If 20 more people don’t pipe up, fuck that. We need these.

midnight on a thursday is like my #1 tarckbike time, everyone else should be here too

It’s 3 am where i live. Sleep is over rated.

fridays = class from 1020 - 1120 am and thats it

i loooove fridays


awwwwww dang

Class at 930 (a test too, oh shi), almost 2 and I’m still tarcking, something is wrong with me.

Edit: I’m in though, I could use a garishly colored hat, my other hats are fairly nondescript.

class from 10-10:50 but I ain’t going. Fucking design madness!.

oh boy, you gonna fail so bad.

Yes yes yes, I’d buy 2 if there weren’t eanough :bear:

Let me just state that the design is so hot that I’ll buy three of those caps.

Tackar, Jussi, so fint av dig att säga!
also: make sure that the screenprinting is opaque, these colors are known to be some of the least archival stuff out there, and generally pretty thin. Then again these are professionals.

I’m in. someone will have to ship mine to me though. I’m looking at you Josh…

i want one

floods in


I’m in and can ship TimArchy’s as well :bear:

Hey tarckeemoon, did you ever fnid out about the whole tiny logo thing?