TDF 2012 caption contest (w/ spoilers, duh)


“So thats how you get all your KOMs!”

Yo Tyler, Imma let you finish, but I have the most punchable face of all time

“You just ruined my fantasy TdF team”

“Don’t look so glum, dude. I have to go in front of the world and tell them that one of the most recognizable faces / stories in all of sports is a cheater. You got off light.”

Sorry, but in France you have to call “fusil de chasse”.

“Boo fucking hoo”

Focus, people.

Excuse me, Tyler hon. This bike fetish crowd you are running with just isn’t working for me anymore. I can’t have your lips on my ass when you are gnashing your teeth.

Tc: thought the same thing

Needs a Charlie brown sad song

So not zen. :colbert:

“You poor thing.”

“Don’t worry Tyler, you didn’t let anyone down. We didn’t expect you to win anyway”

Today’s contest:

Today’s contest:

“Hey, at least I’m not sick.”

“These Sex Pistols homage kits are pretty rad, yeah?”

garmin 2012: cannot hoogerlandTFU

Man that shit looks painful.