Team Stray Kittens MTB Kits

Not really a team, just easier to say.
If you don’t have a team, have been abandoned by one, or just want a bright kit, this could be your bag.

c/p from Lindsay’s account, 'After years of being on different teams and/or Frank an unofficial Laser Cat, we have fully committed to being #teammatesforlife life. We are satisfying our need for brightly colored cat jerseys by establishing our own non-team team, @teamstraykittens. If you also like brightly colored cat jerseys, feel free to grab one for yourself.
Password: Dash_and_Tutu


How’s the sizing? Podium’s size chart wasn’t too helpful.

I’d say it is fairly normal for most cycling kits.
I’m a medium in almost all jerseys (usually wear 40” chest stuff) and it fits good. Length is fine for me even at 6’2”, 178lbs. So I’d just got by chest size and not all the rest of it.


Oh my, these look nice.

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Should be adding a men’s version of the watermelon in 3/4 this week. Oops. But I guess it still takes a week to approve design even if they have it all.