Tell me which rollers to buy.


Had Kreitler. Meh.

buy 2 different ones and give me the one you like lesser

on serious note I heard Kreitler’s were nice, which models do you have? and are you thinking about selling it once you get a new one?

The cheapest ones you can find on Craigslist.

i was planning on buying these
or nashbar
but it looks like they discontinued them

i got these at interbike, and so far i like them
altho i would have never paid full price for them

this is kind of interesting info about drum size

[quote=Kreitler website]As the drum diameter decreases, the amount of resistance increases. This is due to bearing friction and tire friction. For a given wheel speed, smaller drums rotate at higher RPM’s than larger drums, producing more friction in the sealed cartridge bearings. Smaller drums also create more tire friction because the roller has a smaller contact patch and indents the tire more.

The 4.5 drums have relatively low resistance. Most riders can ride in larger gears and keep the wheel speed high with relatively low effort on the 4.5 drums. Higher wheel speed enhances balance and provides a greater coasting effect if you stop pedaling momentarily.

Combined with the Headwind Fan, the 4.5 models provide the widest range of workload of any other roller combination. For easy spinning or intense interval workouts, you can do it all with the 4.5 drums combined with the Headwind Fan. The 4.5 drums are the easiest for learning to ride rollers, too.

The 3.0 drums provide approximately 40% more resistance compared to the 4.5 drums, making harder workouts possible without the addition of the Headwind Fan but not allowing the easy spinning that the 4.5 rollers offer. The 3.0 rollers are a good choice when higher resistance is desired, and at a lower cost than the 4.5’s w/Headwind Fan combination. Some smaller, but strong riders (under 120 pounds) may still find that the 3.0’s have too much resistance for warming up or for less intense rides. Higher weight riders have an easier time on the smaller drums because the inherent resistance of the drums is lower, relative to their power output.

The 2.25 drums have approximately 90% more resistance compared to the 4.5 drums. Only the strongest of riders are able to ride the 2.25 drums. The 2.25 rollers were originally designed for the USA Cycling Team when they were looking for smaller rollers for travel that also provided enough resistance for interval workouts or sprint warm-ups. If you do not routinely average over 20-25mph on your solo road rides, look to the 3.0’s or 4.5’s. Also, if you are a lighter weight rider (under 120 pounds), you may find the 2.25’s too hard, regardless of your speed outdoors.

For a numerical comparison of the different Kreitler Drums and accessories, please refer to the Wattage Chart (will open in a new window). The Wattage Chart is for comparison purposes only. Your actual wattage produced will vary depending on body weight, tire pressure, wheel aerodynamics, and other factors. [/quote]

Other things to consider are bumpers for sprinting.

what are bumpers?

Devices typically advertised as rookie roller things. So that you don’t ride off the rollers. Also nice for sprinting. I think they also make conical roller drums as well so that you stay towards the center.

Also I think Colorado Cyclist has something as well… but the link isn’t working in google.


I used Kreitler with plastic caps and the caps cracked.

i like my minauar? rollers. hardly ever ride them tho. probably only like 30 minutes total. i want to make or buy a fork mount for it. anyone got a link to something good?

I have to say that a fork mount seems to defeat the benefits of owning rollers?

what do i do? buy/make a fork mount or buy a trainer?

make fork mount

then you get both benefits

“what do I do, buy a tricycle, or just get vintage training wheels??!?!?HALP”

[quote=GRHebard]make fork mount

then you get both benefits[/quote]
thats what im thinking

thats what im doin

i wanna watch some movies while im pedallin in the winter time

[quote=GRHebard]thats what im doin

i wanna watch some movies while im pedallin in the winter time[/quote]

Lol @ Sol buying rollers (and, previously, Zelah buying rollers)

fuck rollers, I’m going to either get cold/wet over the winter from riding, or get fat. Or use a rock gym.

I mean if you want to race competitively, they are great. But people seem to buy them as if they’re the next fad, like basket bikes, then not surprisingly they sit around

[quote=solbrothers][quote=GRHebard]thats what im doin

i wanna watch some movies while im pedallin in the winter time[/quote]

you live in bay area, dammit, buy a pair of knee warmers and you’ll be fine

lol @ me buying rollers? ive had them for maybe almost 2 years