Tern Sammiches

I have offered before and I’ll offer again… I can always set up a basic webstore and t-shirt fulfillment account for this nonsense. I feel weird making a somewhat capitalist venture that generates Tarck paraphernalia tho without some sort of near unanimous consent.

Or someone else can do it.


I used to print T-shirts but I no longer have the capability

i consent


If there was online catalog of Jimmy-ed Shimano technical diagram T-shirts I would probably buy a couple. I love the BB of Guadalupe t-shirt but I don’t wear it around here a ton because I’m sort of worried somebody will try to kick my ass

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I still wear my sram fred shirt regularly, definitely wore it to Sea Otter one year. A+ tarcktradamus design.



I will find you and take your shirt

Isn’t this the path to legitimizing Tarck as a valid trademark?

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the bike counterculture slack group might be making another group buy of these, i’ll post the link if they do

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Probably? Or at least once whatever ongoing legal shenanigans has run its course.

Fine by me. Do you mean taking on getting them printed and mailed and everything?

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Sortof. We (endpoint and outpost) use Printful for some soft goods. It’s basically a direct fulfillment solution for this sort of thing. We set up the art and options for shirts. You order one. They pull a shirt, print it, and mail it. We collect “profit” after production and logistics costs.

At Outpost we’ve been kicking around the idea of a small ecom only soft goods store for weird stuff that either doesn’t fit the Outpost brand or just small projects like tarckwearTM.

There is some overhead cost associated with setting up and maintaining things, so that’s where it gets sticky. There would have to be some sort of markup to go towards these costs. There is also the subject of accounting, taxes and so forth. It would be easy enough to just have this nest under the Outpost umbrella but I can totally understand if anyone is uncomfortable with a for-profit shop making some profit off the tarck name (as minuscule as it would likely be).

There should probably be a poll or at least some specific discussion on this.

It’s not like I’m going to get rich off this, but trying to have it completely siloed off into its own bookkeeping is absolutely not worth the headache IMO.

It would be cool if in a year the tarck trademark is in it’s rightful hands and this could be handed off to someone who wants to manage it. Or some sort of “licensing agreement” is developed and money could go towards upkeep on the site or just get donated some charity.

I’m open to whatever as long it’s not a big headache or time sink.

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nah, do it!

Let’s put that slush fund to use and then possibly replenish it with shirt sales.

How do you like the quality from Printful?

The SRAM FRED shirt is full of fine linework and has lasted well beyond expectations. (Mig organized production I don’t know who did the printing).

Our Lady Of Perpetual Spin has been less robust and honestly I’m a bit disappointed in the quality. That order I organized a limited-time window print-on-demand through Kotis Design.

Neither those two nor the BR-M7666 say tarck anywhere on them. Fine with me if we change that, but not necessary.

IMO all of the above were fair use for parody purposes.
If you organized this, I’m personally fine with whatever arrangement you prefer that results in least headaches and is absolutely sure to cover all overhead costs.

PS if there’s a print-on-demand that people like I’d be happy to organize another small run of shirts.

Printful is definitely one of the better vendors in this space, in my experience.


Tarck brake, it’s about options





For God knows what reason I’ve kept an OG Four Loko in my fridge for like ten years. Let me know if you need it to print some new shirts.


What special occasion are you saving it for?

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