The decline of MASH?

I just saw a MASH t-shirt in a thrift store here in Atlanta.
It was $5.
Wa wa wa waaaa :bear:


Pics or it didn’t appen.

Sorry. i guess i could have taken a celly pic.

I hope you bought it for eBay purposes.

I still don’t understand what MASH is besides a clothing and sticker company that produces videos.

dude, it’s a crew it’s a movement it’s a LIFESTYLE. very serious stuff.

hell i thought we were talking about the old TV show…

MASH is just the first of its kind…

I hope Macaframa is better, I like their approach.

someone with PS skills post up a picture of hawkeye on ted shreds bike por favor

[quote=“andre nickatina”]MASH is just the first of its kind…

I hope Macaframa is better, I like their approach.[/quote]
What the hell does Macaframa mean anyway" It sounds better as “mahc-uh-frame-uh” but is spelled like “mahc-ah-fram-ah.”

I think that the filming and editing work in the macaframa video will be way better then mash. All of the little previews looked way better then mash did.

The MASH trailer was awesome, that was the problem… it was way better than the actual movie.

Thats actually true.
The trailer was great.
They should have stopped there.

i wish i knew the lyrics to that the mall song

Seeing that shirt in an Atlanta thrift store is something even more amazing. Until last year only about 10 people in town knew what MASH was.

This shirt had to have been ordered online, worn, moved out of the clothing rotation and finally discarded within about 12 months.

It was probably an expensive shirt, too.

Hat found in a vintage clothing store:

You bought that hat I hope. Right?

This was the shirt it was or close to it. I know it was the rasta colors or whatever.
I probably should have bought it to sell on yahoo japan.

well no wonder that shirt ended up in a thrift store - and i thought these guys were all overly concerned with fashion and what not.