The possibility for bar spin is unlimited

As posted by Non on Brianforums. :bear:


did he modify that?


is that supposed to say victory?

yeah. thats makinos motto or whatever

i just realized the other day i can just about barspin on my crosscheck with 32c tires - the tire just barely rubs the downtube. of course, i discovered this while my bike was on the repair stand… i are serious!

i lovez teh barspinzzzz

My bareknuckle can barspin if I deflate the front tire I think, though i’m not terribly concerned about checking it out. It looks like the rim clears the down tube…

650c errospokz

my mark v can barspin if i run 18mm tires.


PLEASE link me to that thread. That frame looks mindblowing.

The original Aero Makino:

But you might wanna look here:

Hm. The double bridge on the back is interesting.

In other NJS news I really want to order a Kalavinka.