The "Riding Without A Bag and It Feels Awesome" thread

mina get the fuck on aim.
also this thread is amazing.
so is riding without a bag.
riding with one with a sixer is better: we went on a full moon ride out to the beach, there were maybe 15 of us and it was super chill.

So chill.

sick brah

wait, whose playin frisbee golf?


one of the cool things about racing on the weekends is finally getting to ride w/out 20lbs of shit on my back.

why the disc golf hate? it’s a good way to get lazy people off their asses and “exercising”.

frisbee golf probably isnt bad…its the people that do it that are bad.

Holy crap!
How’d you get a picture of me?!?!

My my.

Riding in the nude feels even better.

I sneak an hourlong bagless ride in 3 days of the week before I go to work. It’s definitely a good feeling.

Its a tough course becauses its all through the trees and I suck at frisbee golf.

I hate riding with a bag. Everytime I actually have to do it I am surprised with how unpleasant it is.

me and my disc golf buddies say
:colbert: :colbert: :colbert: :colbert:

I just moved to a house that is down the hill from the Disc golf course in Santa Cruz. It’s free so I’ve been going once a week.

De Laveaga? That course is brutal.

Yeah that’s the one. Haven’t been able to finish the entire course yet. Some one usually throws their disc into a ravine or a tree and we get burned out after we get the disc back.

i dont dislike riding with a bag but i love taking a ride without one whenever i can