The tour online stream?

Anyone been streaming the tour online for free?
Cable is now gone but wanna watch online.
Any links to a good simple site for streaming it?

thanks usually works for me

the first eurovision stream i did today had a cooking show’s audio… was rad.

Either that or

I couldn’t find a single working stream on Steephill today. Was majorly bummed.

I go between the two for the best stream. Today was really choppy and I missed parts of the sprint.

Streaming the tour is seemingly harder than the giro, vuelta etc where free and nice foreign language streams are available. Maybe because americans gaf about it, nbc or whoever tries harder to have exclusive distribution over here? Last year i gave up and paid $30, it felt like less stress overall.

I pad the $30 last year as well, but mostly because I was working in the morning. Now I can watch the live streams on steephill or cyclingfans. I’ve never had a problem finding one that works.

The eurosport stream on steephill is doin it right this morning

anyone know their twitter feed? i want to see those pics of that BA dude who tied himself to his bars in order to ride with a broken bone.

yeah, that shit sounded intense.

If you are paying for this you are a dumbass. has every link you will ever need. Live, highlights, photos. Whatever. is a really good stream

Wish that worked in the US.

I just want to say, Britons talking about cycling makes fantastic background noise at work.

^thanks. now i know how to spell his name.

nbc’s (free) tour coverage is so weak! How about if you don’t show me the same annoying commercial every time and don’t tell me who won the stage before i can click on the clip.

That’s Magni in the Giro. I don’t get it.