Theo Bos

watcha reckon, to ban or not to ban?

pretty epic, go to around 3:35
and in slow-mo

(sorry if repost)

that’s pretty messed up


Roid rage.

ban for sure

damn. salty ass mother fucker right there.

i wish rock racing were in this

so i could make a joke about bos being “between a rock racer and a hard place”

I saw a dude on a carbon Bianchi on the Lakefront the other day in full Rock Racing kit.
I spit at him but I missed.

I also saw someone in full Rock Racing gear. I did not spit. I wanted to. But I was too busy laughing.

i don’t know if you can pick it up at stores cheaper, but a fullkit of that stuff costs about as much as a perfectly decent bicycle. i’d go so far as to say a desirable bicycle. who the fuck pays out that much to emulate a laughing stock of a team?

people that probably don’t actually follow cycling

I think there’s more going on than we can see. Why would someone possibly throw another rider in front of them? That doesn’t make any sense.

yeah, i thought that was kind of odd…

Have you ever been in a fight? People do all kinds of crazy shit when they’re angry. I witnessed a road-rage incident where one driver deliberately crashed his car into another driver he was angry at. We’ve seen it here, although in this case, the puller narrowly avoids the collision.

Also, how far has Theo Bos fallen that he’s mid-pack for a sprint which everyone would have expected him to run away with two years ago? Remember, this guy is like five-time Sprint World Champion.

There’s a statement by him on the rabobank team site where Theo says something about getting crowded up against the railing and being uncertain about what happened next. I used the google tranlator from Dutch to read it. He claims it wasn’t his intention to bring him down, but I wonder if it wasn’t a momentary angry response to being bumped.

[quote=bonechilling] …here, although in this case…


I’ve ridden that velodrome! neat.

[quote=hsifdab][quote=bonechilling] …here, although in this case…


I’ve ridden that velodrome! neat.[/quote]

anyone notice at 6:50 haha

That story on the side is pretty wild.

Also, Bos=banhammer.