they call me a hater but i call them jackass

NO CASSETTES RED BAND TRAILER from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

guise they will never quit.

rated H for Hipstah


isn’t this old news? they released the movie already i’m pretty sure.

Yeah, we hashed this out when it was new a month ago.

The guy is fat and breaks bikes, and the riding is unimpressive even by the low, low standards of fixed gear freestyling.

did you eat your dicks yet new guy? I see you’ve been here 4 months, made nine posts, one of which was to start a thread about something we already had an epic thread about. fail. fail. fail. fail. fail.

this is about a million times better and dude doesn’t even usually ride fixed…

spencer davis group = win
bombazine = dickeater

chris akrigg is awesome.
trick at 3:10 blew my mind.

After watching that video, it’s clear that all other fixed gear freestylers need to go hang up the bike now, or else spend the next two years honing their skills before they post video after video of their sketchy Wal-Mart parking lot wheelies.

Akrigg is an awesome rider and seems like ADICKIW. His brakeless trials video is one of my favorites. Wicked soundtrack too. And yeah, the current crop of fgfs riders have definitely been put in their place by his fixed video.

PS: fuck off bombazine

meh. im not on teh webz much anymore. if i am all my time is spent on NS anyway. i apologize for my transgressions elders.

That’s ok, all will be forgiven if you eat those dicks.