Things that are passe in tarck

top tube pads
colored chains
deep vs
plastic bmx saddles
anodized spoke nipples
anodized cranks
white belt
shutter shades


edit - adding more

2 and 3 are still “in” to my knowledge. Don’t think 4 ever was.


I feel the same way.


i’ve never really seen plastic bmx saddles in person

one came on a bike that I had…now it is attached to some old soma pursuit bars made to look like a dead cow

It’s a pretty tarck item, just not as ubiquitous as the others.

White Turbos seem to be going out of favor for black Flites. Anyone else notice this?


spoke cardz

What a stupid thread, especially considering that the OP has one of the ugliest bikes in creation, and therefor shouldn’t be giving anyone advice on the subject. Your whack attitudes are passe. Should have left that shit in high school.


Pics of ugly bike?

So wait… everything that makes tarck be tarck is passe?


Hmmm… you might be on to something.

yes stock geared bikes are the new tarck

i’d say deep v’s are still in, but only black. colored wheels are out.

sarcasm is passe

Can I see your bike? Please, it’s kinda relevant.

Learning how to avoid me on your new tarck bike. That sounds passe to me. Don’t bother, just go on and do that silly awkward flamingo dance, that will make your bike stop. Nevermind a front brake, skip/skid technique, or general bike control. Just slam your knees into your top tube as you try and stop. When all of that fails just run me over, I work the best as a brake when I’m stopped on the sidewalk talking to my friends.