This part VERSUS that part

I like to hear other’s opinions when considering different options for parts, builds and whatever else I may be considering. If your opinion comes with a good reason, please feel free to share that as well.

Disc road wheelset:

H+Son V.S. VO box section rims?

Phil V.S. White Industries VS C.K. hubs?

I’d do the H+Son cos available in non-machined sidewall version, seems more official for disc brakes.

never ridden any of those hubs, I’m sure they’re all good. Phil with chrome H+Son would be blinding.

I thought you were only building a disc fork for the Razeza.

I say buy some POS 700c hybrid disc wheel and see if you actually like it before commiting any real money to a matchy match wheelset. I have a 32h DT Swiss/Hugi hub I’d sell ya pretty cheap if you really want to build something.


i know noone takes my advice seriously, but i don’t think anyone makes a better hub than white industries.

I’ve got the VO rims. They’re about like Open Pros in weight, durability and feel so far.

So I vote for H+S, but just because things are usually greener on the other side of the fence for me. Actually… scratch that. H+ on alu/crabo, VO on CrMo. Just cuz.

[quote=tarckeemoon]I thought you were only building a disc fork for the Razeza.

I’ve got another frameset with disc tabs coming together this week.

I have a set of VO rims and a single H+ kicking around in the shop, just need to make my mind up how the entire build will go.

Leaning towards Phil hubs for bay area love, but I really love the sound of a CK rear…


yeah, but chromed-out.

there’s tons of ‘better’ rims than the 2 choices.

This…CK hubs are rad and you sound like a beehive when you ride by.



*But, I love total customizability, and I ride Campy. Mack was the only option aside from DT swiss (not a fan of the colors) that would let me do a Campy cassette on a disc hub without using conversion stuffs.

I’m going to sell my Mack track hubs to pay for a disc hub. I’m watching a pink CK hub, if it goes sub-$100, shit’s about to get tarck.

Chris King laced to H+son atmo

Of the above choices I would do CK/VO. Pewter or silver hubs, silver spokes. Shiny rims just feel wrong for a disc wheelset to me though.

For my own wheels I would probably do Hope hubs x Open Pro CD collabo. 32 front, 36 rear.

chrome plated rotor atmo

Got the pink ck for ~$100. Gonna lace it to a black H+ and tarck the shit outta my road bike.


XT iso hubs

affordable, bearings affordable, durable.

white industries- bad wrap. also, bearing burner.
ck- solid hubs, $$$, guess the ‘‘never have to service’’ claim is a plus.
phil- cool, but just not impressed with them, unless it was on a tandem.

i’d do black xt iso hubs to black dtswiss rr 1.2 rims, but thats just me

Sounds like you already purchased the hubs, but why no mention of DT Swiss hubs?

Phil are dumb heavy compared to other offerings in that price range…around 200g heavier than DT Swiss.

White Industries are CK are a bit cheaper and come in awesome finish options though!

I have a bit different suggestion, what about CK hubs to those new Velocity A23 23mm wide road rims. It’d match better with the 25-30mm tires you’re likely going to run on a road disk bike, they’re light, and they look cool. But, you’d have to wait for them to come in.